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Deal with it (Chyking 102)

Sometimes in life, you've got to accept that you can't have all you desire.  Accept what God freely gives you and forget the rest 'cause you don't need them. That's my answer to the question about what you should do when you see a beautiful girl and you don't want to let her go.  If meeting her or the sequel will break your moral principles, then don't.  There's certainly a better way, if God has determined it.  God will not make you go against His Word or what He's taught you to believe is right. I've admired some boys Some clean, cool and collected But I knew I couldn't have them I had 2 options Or 3 1st to chase after them and get them by all means 2nd to forget about them 3rd to fantasize about what it would be like to have them The 1st was out of the question for me 'cause Christian ladies don't go after men, we wait for them. The 2nd was difficult but usually the best option. The 3rd was my easy