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A message for Christmas

Let me share my notes from today's Christmas sermon at the Covenant Christian Centre, Lagos, Nigeria. Preacher - Pastor Poju Oyemade. Text: Matthew 1:18-25, Matthew 2:1-12, Micah 5:2, Gal 2:20, Psalm 40:1-3, Psalm 139:14-16 The minute you received Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, a star was born in you. Jesus was wrapped in swaddling clothes, meant for the low class, yet the wise men worshipped him as King. They identified Him correctly. Some of us identify ourselves by what we are wrapped in (social status). It does not matter what you look like once you have found your star. He that is born of the Spirit has a star. Every one in the Spirit has a more sure Word of prophecy. The same way it was said about Jesus that it was written about him. If the birth of Jesus could shake Herod, you have the same capacity if you properly identify what is in you. Because some have not identified themselves, they have gone into palaces, expecting advantages. There is a definite purp

Christmas: Kid’s expectations vs. financial realities

My memories of Christmas period during childhood have always been of new dresses, new shoes, new movies, Christmas decor, harmattan, chin chin, rice and chicken. For many families, this is a season of much spending. A few days ago, my husband and I had fun eavesdropping on a conversation between a mother and her 3 children at McDonald’s. Actually, we did not need to eavesdrop, the mother was loud enough for everyone close by to hear. They sat adjacent to us munching on their burgers, chips and chicken nuggets. The children were obviously delighted. Son 1: We should do this more often. Daughter: And cinema too. Mom: I had to work 2 hrs for you to eat this and I will have to work a bit more than 2 hrs for y’all to go to the cinema from here. Son 2: And we will be having popcorn. Mom: You still want popcorn after eating all these?, she said with so much shock. Son 1: But these are cheap. Mom: Everything is cheap when you’re not the one paying for it Son 2: But Daddy can afford it. Mom: Y

A Night at the Atican Beach Resort Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria

When thinking about where to spend the first few days after our wedding, a few factors came into play. My King and I were going to be back in Nigeria after a while away. We wanted to enjoy it's warmth as much as we could. More so, my flight back to UK was scheduled for November 16, meaning that I had only five honeymoon days before travelling. Furthermore, there were other relevant activities to accomplish, especially my legal change of surname. So we agreed to stay in Lagos.  The day after the wedding, we searched the Internet for resorts to stay in and the Atican Beach Resort caught our fancy. The pictures we saw online were very attractive. When we called to book a room, we were informed that from 12 to 6pm, there might be no power as the generator only came on from 6pm till 12 noon the following day. We were disappointed but figured we could deal with that, so we went ahead to make our reservation. We checked into our room at 5:45pm w

RadiantKing: Preparing for Marriage. Planning a Wedding

Preparing for Marriage An engagement signifies an intention to get married. Our first project as an engaged couple was to come to an agreement on the date of the wedding. Some of the factors we put into consideration when determining the date of our wedding were: 1. Career stability. We were both in transition at the time of the proposal. My King had just begun his Masters programme, while I had just gotten a licence to work in UK as a doctor and was then job hunting. He didn't want us getting into this major milestone of a life event in our transition phases. At least one of us had to be stable career-wise before we got married. 2. Counselling. My King was very particular about us receiving proper counselling before venturing into the institution of marriage. We couldn't go in unprepared. Hence, we attended an informal and a formal marriage counselling. We got informal but structured counselling from our mentors viz. his former boss and his wife. We had several s