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What It Means To 'Not Have Light' In Your House For One Week

If you live in Nigeria in this day and age (e go beta), to 'not have light', as we say when there is power failure, is simply a norm, as normal as breathing bad air, who makes a fuss about that? But when you don't see it blinked for many days, you begin to wonder, "could they have cut our light?", an expression we use when the power holding company disconnects us because we haven't paid our bills or "has the transformer spoilt?" It had to be one of the two. This comes with a lot of lifestyle changes that you naturally adjust to; you don't need to be taught any more than you need a tutorial to modify your lifestyle if your salary drops from five zeros to four zeros. And in Lagos, where most houses have electricity-driven boreholes, no light automatically correlates to no water. Assuming, you are a girl, a Christian and somewhere in the middle class, this is how your typical day would look like. You're most likely going to wake up late bec

Big Brother

Sometimes, I just need a brother And not a lover Me to clutch But not to touch  To cuddle Not fondle To lend an ear  Not pet my rear Sometimes, I just need a big brother To get it off my chest Not take off my vest To kiss my cheek Not peck my beak To give me a nod And not his rod Sometimes, I just need a big brother To let me lie in his arm And not fall for his charm To guard me from hoodlums Not leave me with huge sums To lead me to my bridegroom Not lead me to his bedroom Sometimes, I just need a big brother ©Radiant~ November 2014