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More Pics From Clogs Rehearsals

It keeps getting more interesting. I can't wait for Friday to come. I hope you've started making plans to be at Covenant Place this Friday. It's Democracy Day,  a public holiday. How better could you spend it. Make up by Face Mix World Come and see what the Nigeria of your dreams looks like. CLOGS. From Snapshots Theatre #newnaija

Bunmi #factandfiction

Bunmi was a fine girl— no doubt. What pissed people off was that she was aware of it. She'd walk into the room wide-eyed, scanning the room for rubberneckers with a sly smile on her heavily made up face. Everyone wondered why she still needed the make-up. She was perfect from a swimming pool. She was the perfect definition of a girl and indeed girly. She had all those fancy girly journals, wore pink shoes and carried teddy bear purses. Even her biros had them Barbie and Hannah Montanah on them. She never grew up.  Radiant ~ May 2015

Equilibrium #factandfiction

I woke up today drenched in a pool of salt water, pitch darkness and mortal combat with some nasty stinging creatures. It's been one full week of power outage. Fuel is 300 Naira per liter and Naira is 350 to one dollar. The President had a heart attack yesterday and my dog collapsed. It seems I'm the only one at an equilibrium in the face of things.

Lagos #factandfiction

It's always a rainy day here in Lagos. Gutters blocked, roads flooded, markets muddy, car splashes, damp clothes and stinking hair. This day isn't going to be different. And certainly not a day to meet my Mr. Right. I've always wanted to go to Abuja where everything is perfect. The Mr.s Right, the spotless roads, the money.  #factandfiction Radiant ~ May 2015

Introduction #factandfiction

Hey guys. I'll be starting a series to just spice things up here in between my regular posts. I call it Fact and Fiction. The idea came from an online course I started recently. So this is how it goes. I'll write a paragraph of some things that are true and some things that are just made up. You point out which is fact and which is fiction. I hope you find it interesting. ~Radiant - May 2015

My Newly Found Strength

It's amazing how weaknesses can be turned to strengths. I was a 'cry cry' baby. I still remember growing up, some days I'd cry so much and then begin to beg for someone to console me. I'd say ' si mu ndo ' meaning 'tell me sorry', after some minutes or hours of crying. I cried when scolded at. I cried when others cried. I cried when my siblings were being flogged. I cried when an actor in a film cried. I cried when I saw abject poverty on the screens. I cried when I was really happy. I cried at the sight of an athlete's victory. I couldn't help it. Tears just came out of my eyes so easily.  So I joined Snapshots, my church's drama ministry. I never believed I could act. I only knew I could cry. But somehow, with constant rehearsals and their faith in me, I now actually think I'd make a good actress. Here are some pictures of me doing what I know how to do best.  This was sometime last year, my first stage play after the disastrous att

Why Do You Want To Get Married?

'Why do you want to get married?', he quizzed me.  A thundery silence stole our fairly romantic night as we sat in his car in front of my house. The question tore deep into my soul like a sharp sword would an ice cube. For a moment, I actually didn't know why I wanted to get married. Or rather, I knew, but it was too embarrassing a reason to get married. I mean, if someone else came up with that answer, I'd think she was sick. But as I burrowed into my soul, I knew I had the very same answer. I had never thought about it until then. 'What's the purpose of marriage?', he kept questioning, 'You know they say, if the purpose of a thing is not known...' 'Abuse is inevitable', I said brusquely. He should have known I wasn't comfortable with those questions. He was probing my motives and I felt like I was being stripped naked. How could I tell him that I want to get married because it is what the society expects of me? I co