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Love In Unexpected Places

Like caramel in a lion's cadaver Christ in Majesty born in a manger Shekels in a shark's braces There could be love in unexpected places Ever feel like the shit in the mud Trodden, sunken, swept by the flood Now in sight, unsightly, causing smirks on smiling faces There could be love in unexpected places There could be love in unexpected places Like treasure veiled in uninviting cases Thunderous victories in unprepared races And in gifts as teensy as tiny shoe laces Some seek love in lemon Lamborghinis Others in blue perfumed bedrooms I found it in the pain and punctured palms Of a marred and mangled man #LoveInUnexpectedPlaces ©Radiant~ December 2014 (In the spirit of Christmas)

Motor Park Brouhaha

'Anyi abanyego na tipa bu aja!', exclaimed a passenger. By this time yesterday, I was in the middle of an uproar that ended in a torn shirt, raised blood pressures and someone at risk of losing his job. I was to travel from Enugu to Lagos yesterday and by 7am I was at a popular traveling company's motor park in Enugu. I went to the counter to buy a ticket and was told to buy it from the bus where an agent was selling them. I counted my cash and handed it over, watching circumspectly to see that there was no behind-the-scene business like my friend experienced last month in that same park.  She had withdrawn some money from the bank and was paying with them except that she took her eyes away for some split seconds and next thing she heard was the cashier shouting 'counter!' returning her money. He had exchanged one of her 1000 Naira notes with a counterfeit. She was shocked to the marrow but she couldn't defend herself 'cause she had no evidence and

I'm Back For Good

So sorry guys. I've been off your face for too long. I was engrossed in preps for a hip hop dance drama my church staged on Sunday. It was a long arduous two months of preparation with daily rehearsals from three weeks to the time and vigils too. It was fun nonetheless. I'm glad I volunteered to participate. I picked interest from the time the audition was announced in church. A lot of people that started with us didn't finish. And some that joined the last minute, were casted for major roles. Typifying the first shall be the last and the last, the first. We had some happy moments- free lunch and dinner packages, and sad moments; during the production, we lost 3 phones. And it was a very shameful thing for us 'cause we didn't know we had to also be careful in the presence of God. We didn't see the big picture until we were on stage with almost 3000 people as audience. We relied solely on God 'cause we couldn't see us pulling through without help. Thankfu