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About Radiant's blog

The blogging sphere has crowded up very quickly in the past decade and it even looks like YouTube is taking over. Starting a blog in 2021 se...

Sunday 10 January 2021

About Radiant's blog

The blogging sphere has crowded up very quickly in the past decade and it even looks like YouTube is taking over. Starting a blog in 2021 seems almost pointless. Yet some say if you find a tight niche, you could thrive. Where then does that leave memoir bloggers like me who write about practically anything going on in their lives? So that I am not perceived as jack-of-all-trade-and-master-of-none, here is what this blog is about.

Radiant’s blog is about ME - Chidiogo Nwosu a.k.a Radiant. I am my own mastery. I have been blogging here since November 2013. I started it as an outlet for my creativity, an online diary. Surprisingly, I got quite some faithful followers. My mission is to be a social influencer, to inspire people through my life's experiences.  Hopefully this post will help you navigate easily through many of my wonderful write-ups. 

About Radiant's Blog

I was born in a rich yet poor diverse country called Nigeria - popularly known as the giant of Africa. 

Much of my primary school memory is hazy. However, I remember fondly that I frequently represented my school in competitions. I've penned some of my secondary school experiences in my FEDACAD tales.

Like many young girls, I've had my own share of guys approaching me for a date. In Nigeria we call it "chyking". My Chyking series details this.

I studied to become a medical doctor at the University of Nigeria and became one in 2012. During my internship year, I decided to explore my passion for music. I wrote and performed songs.

After undergraduate studies in Nigeria, graduates attend a compulsory one year of national service called National Youth Service Corps, NYSC. I did mine in Lagos, the capital city of Nigeria and lived there till I left Nigeria so you will find posts about life in Lagos, Nigeria.

In 2015, I was among the pioneer cohort of the Young Africa Leaders Initiative (YALI) Regional Leadership Center in Accra, Ghana. I wrote a series on my experience at the YALI RLC.

While I practiced Medicine in Nigeria, I was constantly dissatisfied with the profession and wrote about the reasons for this here

Seeking a way out of clinical practice, I decided to pursue Public Health and came to United Kingdom for a Masters degree. Any wonder that I have posts on my life in Nottingham under the label Nottingham Tales and a post on why you should choose UK for your Masters study?

I was privileged to obtain a scholarship for my Masters programme. Hence my post on how to write a winning scholarship essay

I moved to London after my Masters programme for an internship and to prepare for the medical licensing exam. So I definitely logged my London tales.

After gaining the General Medical Council licence, I got a job in Manchester. It was so busy I got no time to write about it. I've since moved on to a General Practice training post in a small town called King's Lynn in Norfolk, East of England. I plan to write a post on getting into GP training.

I have had a stammer since I can remember. So of course I have posts about living with a stammer.

I am married. So I've thrown in a couple of posts relating to marriage.

But before then, I have a whole RadiantKing series about my courtship with my darling husband from meeting him in Lagos, Nigeria, him not showing interest, our long distance relationship, to the engagement and wedding. We now have a son. Hence my motherhood posts.

I had my mom over just before I had my baby and I wanted to help others find answers to the questions I had when I went through obtaining a visa for her. My posts on getting a UK visitor visa for your parent is apt if you are in such situation.

I am Christian. I go to church regularly and listen to sermons very often, so I have some posts on lessons from sermons.

I love to cook and bake so I have food recipes here.

I have written poemsI'm not into fiction but I have tried to do some.

I love to read and watch movies. So I have a few book reviews and movie reviews too.

I have posted lyrics of some of my favourite songs. I did this when I saw there was no post on the internet containing these lyrics. 

So you see that even though the posts on this blog are diverse, they all tell the same story - the story of Radiant's journey on planet earth. Please let me know what you think about this blog in the comment section and what you would like to read about.

Happy touring!

Radiant ~ January 2021


Choxy said...

Interesting read. Haa, I wish I can have things to write about my life like this ๐Ÿ˜„

Anonymous said...

I love this. Concise and detailed.


Radiant said...

@Choxy thanks a lot for your comment. I’m sure you have many interesting and inspiring stories. If you keep a diary you’ll be amazed.

Babar ali said...

Amazing ... the way you tell stories , write them down and create Real life scenarios . Everyone Has some Broken heart and inspiring stories but some of them keep their stories alive in the shape of words๐Ÿ˜˜.

DuaR said...

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