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Potato omelette/Potato Frittata Recipe

We are into another lockdown. Last lockdown many people reported learning new skills especially home making skills like baking, cooking and teaching children. You might be searching for a new recipe at this time. Being at home on maternity leave has made me research more about new recipes. Now that I'm not rushing off to work early in the morning making do with some tea and store-bought brioche rolls, I can afford to make some luxurious and healthy breakfast. So I had potatoes and carrots and was thinking of what to do with them when I stumbled on a YouTube video . I modified the recipe a little bit to suit what I had. The thing I love about cooking as against baking is that you can be more flexible with cooking recipes. So if you have potatoes, carrots and eggs, you can recreate this recipe replacing all other ingredients with whatever you have available. So let's get cooking already. List of ingredients (serves 3 adults) 3 British potatoes 3 carrots 1 green pepper 1 bulb onio