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Christmas Day

I anticipated a white Christmas, but didn't witness one because it didn't snow. In fact, it hasn't snowed in Nottingham in recent years. #globalwarming However I had a colourful Christmas though I was away from my own family. I spent it first in church, then with a very lovely family, amidst turkey, rice, chats and lung-bursting laughter. The children department performing a Christmas drama Singing in the choir Enjoyment galore with the Ifesemens Selfie time #colourfulchristmas ©Radiant ~ December 2016  

Superman dropping on 2nd January

Hi everyone. I am happy to announce to you that the well, not-so-long-awaited new song by me, Superman is going to be available on the day after New year day, January 2, 2017. It will be on various stores and streaming sites including , Apple music, itunes, Spotify, e.t.c Good news is, "you have a chance of getting it free if you subscribe to my blog on ". So subscribe NOW! ©Radiant~ December 2016