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An Invitation To Whispers To Menso

As I whined up a storm His hands took a stroll defining my form His beard was like a mowed lawn, at its pace Sweeping my baby bottom face  His peck sent shivers down my spine And left me clinging to his hold Wishing he was already mine 'Cause our 4th digits bore yet no piece of gold As I relived the moment My head popped My heart stopped My feet flopped My mind hopped 'Menso!', yelled my ever cantankerous boss Interrupting my beautiful moment SNAPSHOTS IS BACK AGAIN WITH AN EXPLOSIVE LIVE MUSICAL THEATRE PERFORMANCE TITLED- WHISPERS TO MENSO VENUE- SHELL HALL, MUSON CENTRE, ONIKAN, LAGOS DATE- MAY 29, 2014 TIME- 12 NOON, 3PM & 6PM DON'T MISS THIS ELECTRIFYING STELLAR ACTING, SINGING AND DANCING PERFORMANCES ADMISSION IS FREE POWERED BY COVENANT CHRISTIAN CENTRE ~Radiant

Try By Radiant ft. NC (with lyrics)

Hi friends! I hope you had a lovely Easter celebration. I had a lovely time in my village celebrating with my family, my sister's traditional marriage.  I want to share with you today the lyrics of my song 'Try' that was released online in October 2013. If you haven't heard it, there's a link for you below. I've had a lot of critics and praises for the song and I'm thankful for them all and open to more. Expecting your comments. Ciao Radiant ft. NC - Try Lyrics Intro Grand mix music, uh huh Mmmmmhmmmmhmmmmm Verse 1 People wan talk dia own Dey no know wetin dey happen When you call, dey no go come And mouth just dey der dey sharpen All de suffer we dey suffer No eye go dey see am But when dey come gather come Na so so talk talk go dey jam All de hellep we don hellep No one wan clap for we head We go take heart, take our share Our reward e dey for heaven Bridge All dis talk we dey talk All dis noise we dey cause Na because dem

My First Kiss

           I anticipated it, went through the episode severally in my imagination and wondered who the fascinating man would be. I had just turned sixteen and thought dating was the occupation of girls my age. I think it was because of the American movies I watched. It was common practice for sixteen year olds to be hooked up with guys within their age grade. But pre-marital sex was out of the question for me because of my religious background. It was FORNICATION and the very word was condemning. Never mind that it's now being watered-down by several names such as pre-marital sex, love making and so on.             It was my first year in University of Nigeria, Nsukka and I had a lot of 'chykers'. Ten per day, to say the least and I'm not exaggerating. I was generous with my phone number 'cause I hadn't learnt to say no. But as usual they put me off after the first call. So to finally have fallen for one, I really must have been swept away.       

5 Things To Know About Lagos (for JJC corpers)

Okay. So I get to wear my Ajuwaya uniform to jump buses and cross the streets of Lagos with eyes gawking and men calling 'corper' like I forgot who I was. Done that three times. First was on tuesday, the day we left camp. I reported to my local government 'cause they had threatened us in camp that payment from the state government was going to be on a 'first come, first serve' basis. I submitted my posting letter and was told to come back on tuesday, the next week. So I did, the second time, jumping buses, crossing streets and having the whole world know I am a corps member. All to get back to the LG and was told to come back on thursday. Today is that thursday. I dressed up again, went through all that again and Thursday was turned to Monday. This is the beginning of the story of my Lagos life. I have learnt 5 things about Lagos in 3days. They are: 1. Bus fare from your house to your backyard is 50 Naira 2. Everything you need for a living is just downstairs 3

My NYSC Camp Experience At Lagos Camp 2014 Batch A (LA/14A)-Mar 11 to April 1, 2014

It was a rainy day. I had woken up early 'cause I had heard of the usual Lagos traffic jam, but I couldn't get out because the sky wept bitterly. I waited till it began to drizzle, at about 6 am, and I boarded a taxi from Yaba to the NYSC camp at Iyana Ipaja. I slept through out the journey and was awoken by the yelling of the street vendors persuading new corps members to buy buckets or take passport photos. I was glad I had seen the blog on requirements for NYSC camp and had come prepared. I didn't bring a bucket from home, because I knew they were going to sell such at the Mami market. So I ignored them all. At the gate, soldiers searched us and seized a lot of iPads, laptops, extension wires, forks, e.t.c. I didn't come with any of those because I was pre-informed on what to expect.              Registration was tiresome and annoying. I just didn't get why we needed to shuttle between venues to fill forms that could have been handed to us in one venue. At

Welcome Back

Hey pals and faithful followers of my blog. I'm really sorry I've  been silent for a while and I  didn't give prior notice. My bad. I  went for the NYSC batch A camp for 3wks and after that,  NCCF Rural Rugged (village missions outreach) for 3days. I'm still  settling plus I'm trying to  hook up on a better network for my  browsing. But watch out for my NYSC experience coming  soon (before the week runs out). Thanks. Xoxo