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This Is Lagos

"People are suffering o!", my friend exclaimed from the other end of the line.
She had come to Lagos in search of greener pastures and to escape mediocrity. After several attempts at submitting her CV online, she was finally called for two interviews. Packing her bag that Saturday morning, she thought of where to lodge. She had heard Lagos life was expensive, so she ruled out the thought of boarding in a hotel. It was enough that she would cater to her feeding and transportation by careful scraping. She called a distant relative that she knew resided in Lagos. After exchanging pleasantries and beating about the bush to gain some familiarity, she dropped the bombshell. The woman at the other end was in a noisy environment and impatient. She hesitated a little but then said "Mgbe i bia nu" (when you come).

The journey was boring and in fact awful. She sat at the middle row by the window. Her neighbour was a woman who preferred to lap her son throughout the journey, and…

4 Things to Kick Start your Day

Ever wake up feeling like just remaining in bed all day? You know you have a lot to do but just can't seem to summon the strength to get up. You are not alone. I have those moments too.A hectic previous day may call for this. I may just want an extra hour of sleep, breakfast in bed, browse my phone, read a book, do anything as long as it can be done in bed. A lazy day it is. But some days are too important to spend snoozing.Here are "4 things I do to kick-start my day", although not religiously.1. PrayerPrayer is very powerful. It not only energises my spirit, which is the most important part of me, but it puts my body to work by getting me talking. I may have to get out of bed to kneel or stand or walk to my prayer room. I find that lying in bed to pray is a scam. I would have added an extra hour of sleep by my last Amen. Commit your day to the Lord and he will order your steps. If your spirit is down, your body will be down as well.2. A kissA kiss can give me the energ…

Spiritual Warfare - How to Deal With Your Enemies

Recently in a group Bible study, a question was raised regarding how to deal with enemies, those we have confirmed through accurate prophecy are working against us and want our downfall. Another  discussion with someone on the same topic also got me answering these questions: Is it right to pray for the death of our enemies? Can we specifically name a person and demand their death within a given period?The most quoted scripture to back this method of prayer is in Exodus 22:18 which says, "Suffer not a witch to live."
Note that I am not referring to spiritual warfare of binding and casting of spirits and taking spiritual authority by our words. I am only referring to the practice of planning and projecting the physical death (through spiritual warfare) of human beings whom have been considered "witches" or enemies of progress.
Here are my thoughts.
With regards to the above scripture, let's look at the context. The two verses after that are as follows: 
Anyone who ha…

The Mind of the Rich versus The Mind of the Poor

Recently, I have been learning a lot on Biblical financial prosperity from Apostle Joshua Selman. My most important lesson is that I must be wealthy in my mind before I can attract physical wealth. This is one of my notes from his message. You can listen to the full sermon here.
The Difference Between The Mind of the Rich and the Mind of the Poor
1. The rich believe in taking responsibility for the outcome of their lives. They believe they have a role to play in their wealth. The poor believe in luck and chance. They just hope that one day their situation will change. 
2. The rich are very disciplined and patient people. The poor are very indisciplined and impatient. The poor want get-rich-quick schemes. They cannot wait to build their wealth before  they begin to display it. Never be under pressure to prove to people you have made it.
3. The rich believe in the law of process. They know that it takes time to build wealth. The poor always want results without process. They are easily dece…

Superman by Radiant (with lyrics)

Love doesn't keep a man from his destiny
Real men go to fight fight for their families
You're a strong girl waiting behind doors
Praying that your man won't be out long
Cheer up pretty woman, guess who's coming soon
It's your Superman. It's your Superman

Cheer up. It's your Superman
It's your Superman. It's your Superman.
Cheer up. It's your Superman
It's your Superman. It's your Superman.

When it gets tough on the battlefield
It's your love that gets him over the hills
Grenades and a gunshot wound
Won't take the place where your heart once stood
Cheer up. Pretty woman. Guess who is coming soon
It's your Superman. It's your Superman.

Cheer up. It's your Superman
It's your Superman. It's your Superman.
Cheer up. It's your Superman
It's your Superman. It's your Superman.

Your Superman can't wait to get home girl.
You're the girl of his dreams and the rock in his world
Every Superman needs a …

My surprise baby shower (diary entry)

Today I experienced the love of God in a new dimension. I experienced it through the hands of selfless, loving, thoughtful and generous human beings.

My hubby had said we would go out on Sunday (today) for a dinner. Since it was valentine season, I was unsuspecting. After church, we went for grocery shopping, got back home, had lunch and were watching a favourite YouTube series. Then he informed me that we had to leave at 4:30pm. I put on my dress, applied a light make up and was set for the adventure.

He blindfolded me so I couldn’t guess the venue by the route he took. When we got there, there were already about 15 people gathered in the house of our friends, the Idahosas, with plenty of food, chewables, drinks, decorations and music. We played baby themed fun games and danced.

I was indeed pleasantly surprised.

I was reminded again the pleasant feeling of receiving gifts. I am challenged to be the one who gives people this feeling.

To all who planned, organised, honoured the invit…

Baby delivery: What I packed in my hospital bag versus what I actually needed

Frankly, it’s more like what I packed in my hospital 'box' because mine was a 15kg suitcase packed with baby and mother’s stuff. As I didn’t know how long I would be in hospital for, I figured that it's better to be over prepared than under prepared.
Things I packed in my hospital bag

For mother
ClothesNight wearUnderwearTowelToothbrush (an extra for dad)ToothpasteSoapSlippersSnacksSanitary padsSanitary pantsNursing pads - I didn't use these.Electric breast pump - I actually didn't need to pack this as I was encouraged to use the hospital pump which is more powerful.
For Baby
Bodysuits - These are the small vests that are fastened at the nappy area.Sleepsuits - These are baby wears with arms and legs worn over the bodysuit.Muslin squares - Can be used for wiping milk that drips off mouth during feeding.Bibs - I had no need of these.Pacifier/dummy - I didn't use this as he was a calm boy most times. Also, I wanted him to establish his suckle first.Diapers - Take lots…

Kinggirl & Jiry - The Prayer (Pidgin Cover) lyrics

I pray make you be our eyes
And watch all our waka o
And teach us to get sense
When we neva sabi
Na so we suppose pray
When we don waka loss
Carry us go dat place
Arrange our step with grace
Go dat place wey just make sense

Abeg give us your light
Even though NEPA don quench
Make the twinkle star for night
Remind us say God dey
Na so we suppose dey pray o
When we no dey see road
Carry us go dat place
Arrange our step with grace
Go dat place wey just make sense

Anoda life wey all dis gbege no dey
And all the heart wey don break go arrange back
Our sense go come back
Say na one God make us
I go give you my hand
All of us go shine

Abeg look us with soft mind (abeg look us with soft mind)
And show us correct road (and show us correct road)
Teach us make we dey see (teach us make we dey see)
Everybody as one (everybody as one)
Na dis we dey pray so (na dis we dey pray so)
As people for Naija (as people for Naija)

Carry us go dat place
Arrange our step with grace
Go dat place wey just make sense


Creative Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday During The Lockdown

COVID-19 has spoilt the plans of a lavish birthday party for many. However, you do not want to look back post-COVID and wish you had figured a way around it. No one should be alone, especially not on their birthday. So, let's go through some creative ideas to celebrate your birthday during the lockdown.

1. Drive in or Drive-by birthday party You might have seen some videos of musical concerts happening with people in their cars, or videos of friends driving by and dropping birthday or baby shower gifts. Well if you have the resources and your neighbours don't mind, then this is a fun and unforgettable option. Remember to check if you require permission from your local council.
2. Doorstep delivery party
So what if you cannot afford to lock down the street? Maybe you are not that extroverted, or you are afraid of disturbing environmental peace. If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain. Roast some BBQ, bake some cakes, get some cookies and jus…

Maternity Leave/Lockdown goals: What I have been up to

So I happened to give birth to my amazing newborn during the beginning of the UK Coronavirus lockdown period. Before delivery I had set out goals for my maternity leave as I was going to be taking a career break, I would have more time to introspect and hopefully think up and develop new skills apart from mothering. The first month of motherhood was challenging - but in a good way of course. I could not visit my goals as I was very well occupied with nursing, changing nappies, catching naps, bathing baby and so on. Now that my son is 2 months old, with help from my mom and hubby, I've settled into a nice routine and have now picked up some of those goals. We're still on lockdown, so it works for that too. This is what I have been up to.
1. Baking I had started learning to bake before my delivery, but infrequently. Now I bake quite regularly. I have learnt different cake recipes via YouTube. I even baked my own birthday cakes. For someone who enjoys having sweets in between meals…

Career Lessons Learnt From Giving Birth At My Workplace

Two months ago, I gave birth to my bouncing baby boy at the hospital where I work. The experience of being at the receiving end of healthcare was beneficial to me. This would forever change the way I practice Medicine. Here are some of the important lessons I learnt.
1. Never take out your day’s frustration on a patient.  Do not show how stressed you are. You might feel like you are just doing your job, it’s another patient, another case. But to them, this is the moment they’ve been waiting for, “the doctor is here". "The infant feeding specialist is here". "The midwife is here". You’d better make it count.
2. Be caring. I found out that doctors were more detached and less empathetic than the nurses and care workers. One doctor totally disregarded the presence of my husband. Patients remember how you made them feel much more than what you said to them. They can differentiate who really cares from who is just going through the motions.
3. Don't leave patients in…

Jeiel Damina, Lyta, Picazo - What Best Friends Do Lyrics

Jeiel: Ain’t it easy doing life with you Slaying dragons next to you Hop on the plane just to find you ‘Cause that’s what best friends do
You got my back any time any day Hold me down if it don’t go my way I wanna know how I hit the jackpot Guess it’s just my luck
Chorus: But that’s what best friends do Dem make you mental Dem know say you dey special That’s what best friends do  Never hold you back Ready whenever haters attack But that’s what best friends do That’s what best friends do That’s what best friends do Hashtag blessed to have you
Lyta: Closer than a brother, you’re a bright light  You call me in the middle of the night You get on my nerve but that’s alright ‘Cause You know me better than I
You got my back any time any day Hold me down if you don’t go my way Really wanna know how I hit the jackpot Can be just my luck
Chorus: But that’s what best friends do Dem make you mental Dem know say you dey special That’s what best friends do  Never hold you back Ready whenever haters attack But that’s what best friends…

COVID-19: A survivor’s story

The Covid-19 pandemic took the whole world by surprise. Frontline staff across various industries have been valiant at their jobs, fighting the virus, protecting the people, providing essential services and keeping the economy moving. 
Among them, the NHS workers are the most vulnerable to the virus due to their direct exposure to infected patients. Many have been adversely affected by the physical and emotional stress of being in this unprecedented situation - clearly doing their best medically, yet having little control over the lives of their patients. Worse still, when they become patients.
Here is the first hand experience of one of the front line workers, a medical doctor who contracted the virus and survived. 
Can we please meet you? My name is Chike. I am a doctor working with the care of the elderly patients who are known to display non-typical Covid-19 symptoms, making it difficult at the early stages to diagnose. We treated them in the ward as if they were not COVID patients, w…