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And It Came To Pass (We Are Good To Go)

It's almost one year since I came into Lagos, sent by The National Youth Service Corps to serve my country. Lagos looked like a fertile ground to many. When they asked you where they posted you and you said Lagos, they kinda looked at you with some how-I-wish-it-were-me look. Some immediately conferred on you some respect for having 'longer legs' than theirs 'cause they tried and didn't get it. Well, Lagos to me, came on a platter of gold; I couldn't refuse it. The other option I had was to go to Abuja, but I chose Lagos. I wanted to explore my talents and I felt Lagos gave better room for it. Thankfully, I didn't regret the choice.  Camp was fun. Click here for my camp experience. After camp, I chose to go to a primary health care centre 'cause I didn't want any 'stress'. While others were gathering locums (other jobs in private hospitals), I was comfortable with the PHC work that afforded me 6-7 hrs, 2-3x a week with not more tha

Holding Hands

Sometimes I know what to say but not how to say it I go in circles, complain of your quietness, your indifference  I accuse you for not taking a picture with me But all I want to say is I really miss you holding my hand It meant so much to me the first time you did it Each time from then I felt your love in that simple act So when you stop, it says something to me I may be wrong but I can't think differently Because you won't hold my hand I notice you've not smiled much today I notice you've not talked much either Or cracked your usual jokes or tease me You say you can't come and it feels like it's true What my head's telling me just might be it I go under my shell I decide not to talk either I hoard my smiles I don't gesture to hug If someone's not feeling it, I shouldn't force it Let's see where this takes us Maybe someone will soon talk You notice my disposition And you'

One For The Books (Night At Cream Slices)

It really feels good to eat some ice cream and not have to confess my sins after. In fact, this time I even asked for extra and didn't feel guilty at all. Last night, I went with my bosom friends to this ice cream shop called Cream Slices. It was the in-thing in Lagos for one of them before Coldstone came in and filled the whole place. I particularly refused to go to Coldstone 'cause last time I ate their ice cream, I felt so guilty I couldn't finish it. Really, as I downed each scoop, I calculated how much calories was entering my system and how much exercise I needed to do as penance. So this time around, I asked to go somewhere else.  It was somewhere in Surulere (see below), a small house, kind of like a small coffee shop. Just had 2 rooms with about three round tables each. The aroma from the door was inviting. I had a variety of flavors to choose from and I was permitted to taste before ordering. I thought that was cool. So I tasted Berry blah-b