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ISAD 2021: International Stammering Awareness Day

It is the International Stammering Awareness Day. Last year, I wrote about my experience of stammering at work here . So much has happened in the past 365 days that my current workplace experience is almost the opposite of what I wrote last year. I speak quite fluently these days. I make lots of phone calls with no problems. I do not stumble on the NHS number anymore.  I now work in a GP surgery rather than a hospital ward. So my consultations are in the confines of a room with just the patient and me, and sometimes a relative. Maybe this is contributory but I don’t think it would be different if I remained in the hospital. I had already started speaking fluently in the last 4 months of my last hospital post which I left in August this year. And I had stammered a lot when I was in a similar GP setting in my first year of training.  My testimony is not much about my freedom to speak fluently, but more about overcoming my fear and anxiety around speaking and meeting people. Fluency came

World King's Day

11th October is World King's Day. On this day, few years ago, a king was born. Let me introduce you to this king. When I met my husband, I knew he was different from all the men I had known before him. I was not sure what the journey of marriage would be like with him but I knew two things which gave me peace and faith for a blissful partnership. He loved God and he was wise. I reckoned that if he loved God he could love me and if he made wise decisions, I could submit to him. We have been in this for almost 3 years and I have come to know so many other sides to him that challenge, amaze and inspire me. 1. Perseverance - Relocating to the UK came with the hardship of periods of unemployment. I watched as he went through tons of job applications, company research, professional networking, interviews, rejections, feedback, courses, self development, volunteer work, freelancing, job loss, etc. I would have given up very early, were I in his shoes, but he never did. He always believed