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My Moment Of Wrath

Right now, I feel like hitting someone.  I don't understand how people can be so dishonest in dealing with customers. Yesterday, I bought a donut and a bottle of drink from a provisions store near my house. It wasn't my first time of patronizing that store. I was a regular face and the woman that sold to me knew that. I gave her money, don't remember the particular denomination, but she gave me some change and said she didn't have the rest of it. I turned to leave hoping to come back for the rest of it but on a second thought I turned to her and said 'can you write it down somewhere?' She looked at me like I was patronizing her and said that there was no need for that. So I added 'I hope you will remember'. She replied emphatically, 'I will remember. I'm not like that', as if I suggested that she was a thief, which was very far from my thought. I just didn't want to come back and we start bumping heads over how much she owed me or I mee

More Stories From My NYSC Experience

I almost got sacked on Monday. Or maybe redeployed to Chibok. It's a bit complicated and seeing that I do not control who reads this post, my employers may just be going through it, so I dare not make things worse than they already are. Lessons learnt anyway include: 1. To greet the Oba 'Kabiesi' whether it sounds good in my mouth or not. 2. To follow the Oba around like ants follow sugar until he is done with inspection. 3. To make sure I appear in the group photo with the Oba. And to wait until the Oba leaves before I take a glass of water. Actually, my main mistake was failure to recognize that the name of the hospital I work in starts with 'Oba' and that the Oba must not be in kingly attire for the name to take effect. I wasn't being disrespectful. I was just being a girl from the east. Lesson number 7, when in Rome, act like the Romans. ©Radiant~ July 2014