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Bright and bearing arms Drawing me by your charm You're an angel I run in ecstatic glee Fall on my knees You sweep me off my feet We dance into the night Some tango to some grime Angels know no bedtime I'm fagged as a burned out cigar  You're just about to start I'm unprepared for this I try to flee You point your sword at me I see you're not my guardian I knew it Between your style and habit  Something was fishy I beseech for some grace Light flashes across my face I open my eyes I know what this means Greens aren't always clean You're dangerous! ©Radiant~ April 2015

Friends On Facebook vs Friends For Real

Chidiogo, thanks for your article ' what it means ''not to have light' ' in your house for one week'. It is simply a masterpiece. You roundly captured the pangs and pains a typical working class goes through in the cold fangs of our power suppliers. I wonder whether you're a medical doctor or a writer. I also wonder which of these enjoy ur greater passion. Whichever way, I thank God for this creative gift you're endowed with. However, permit me to say the only side of Chidiogo that is very unattractive to me is 'Snobbery'. Perhaps that is 'facebook Ibe Chidiogo Radiant'. Whichever way, what is the norm is that one tries to make his/her image no matter the circumstances. No need engaging the services of image makers when you can do that for yourself. We have a a fair belle, a sound intellect, a medic and a mind-bugging writer all in Chidiogo I know in facebook. What remains is an 'interactive' Chidiogo who has no time to