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Journey To UoN

This time last year, I was broke, busted and disgusted. I had no job (had resigned the one I had to attend the YALI programme in Ghana which became a blessing as it contributed to my qualification for a scholarship). One year is gone. I'm in the UK for a Masters programme at the University of Nottingham on a 100% tuition scholarship. God is faithful.  Shopping List  My shopping list consisted majorly of foodstuff. I haven't forgotten how McDonald burgers dealt with me in 2002 when I visited the U.S.A. This time I would be staying no shorter than one year. I had to have a plan to maintain my belly line. I made sure I got the things I would be missing most (Cabin biscuits) and ground crayfish, pepper, Egusi, and Ogbono since I heard those are neither easy nor cheap finds over here.   I hadn't weighed my bags at home. I was too busy packing. Getting to Murtala Muhammad Airport, my box weighed 38kg, travel bag 14kg, hand luggage was 12kg and bag pack about 10kg. Now