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My Comment On Linda Ikeji's Banana Island Mansion

Yesterday, Linda Ikeji posted pictures of her new house in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos. She said she bought it for over half a billion Naira. I was among the people that shared the link not necessarily because I was very impressed with the house (and I was pretty much) but because of the inspirational message she added below the pics. I was really inspired and motivated by her message to young girls to believe in God and themselves, not look unto a man to save them from poverty, to be consistent in whatever they are doing. Her statements that struck me most were "you're more powerful than you think" and "when God wants to bless you, he will bless you, even if you're selling toothpick". Now my advice to the millions that saw her post and have since been making calculations, planning on a change of career or have been depressed thinking they are failures because a 35 yr old female could achieve this and they are 40 just managing to pay rent.

The Story of a Girilized J-girl

I'm in trouble. I always am. Ever since I became her plate carrier, I have not escaped from punishments. I serve punishments during siesta and after night prep. Sometimes even before breakfast. From Squat And Fly Your Arms to Ride Okada to Pick Pin and the latest Agama Agama . Sometimes, mostly at night, she just makes me sit idly on courtyard in the cold for hours. Other seniors give non-corporal punishments like scrubbing the gutters, mopping the corridors, doing the room. She prefers to punish the flesh. I'm called her plate carrier, but that's an understatement. I am practically her slave. I do everything for her save to wash her panties which I'm sure she'd have delegated to me if the gist wouldn't toss her rep. I know that because she stores them in her bucket for days until she has no extra to wear. Then she brings them all out and washes them, spreading them on the lines in front of our room (Room 4) and Room 5, pretending to be a  Sacow  be

About My Labels

My Poems: These are poems written by me. Could be real or fictional My Memoirs: These are accounts of my true life events My Thoughts: My opinions on subject matters Fact and Fiction: Fictional works based on true life events ~Radiant