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From Infatuation To True Friendship

I was strongly attracted to Nnadi from the first day I saw him after Bible study. I didn't know his name. He wasn't working in any department and he wasn't conspicuous. I was just drawn to him somehow. Yea, he was a fine boy. You could say tall, dark and handsome. But it was more than that. His smile radiated peace, joy, love, things so beautiful that I just wanted to be a part of. From that day, I always looked out for him. I was just satisfied to see him.  One day, I visited one of our sisters who had just given birth. As I was going through her wedding photos, I noticed him in a picture. So I pointed at him and asked her for his name. That night, I went to our Whatsapp group to look for him. I saved his number but I didn't call. I knew it was good etiquette to let the man do the chasing. However, one day it was announced on the group that he had lost his car during Bible study. I thought to myself, "Here is my opportunity. Now I have a reason to call an

A Friend Indeed: Happy Friends Day

Choxy had so much love to give. I couldn't understand it. We were not birds of a feather but we flocked together. We were different in many ways as much as our backgrounds were. Mine preferred privacy. Hers enjoyed communion — she once asked me to sleep over at her house, actually to spend the hols, before even consulting her parents. I would receive her like a visitor, she would receive me like family. I never took her past the sitting room except to pee. But I was familiar with her kitchen and her bed room. I always had nothing to offer her save a cup of water 'cause I had no liberty to touch anything in my house without obtaining permission from my parents. On the other hand, when I visited her, she would fry a bunch of plantains, make me noodles or serve me chocolate from the fridge without flinching. She would pay my bike fare before I could say no and ask me not to worry. We would take a bus and she would offer to pay for both of us. I always thought that was unnec