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Monday 24 February 2014

Girls let's talk (The Art of Seduction)

While women blame men for the sexual immorality we see so rampant these days, men blame women for leading them into it by their seduction. Men have been reprimanded so much; I think women should be cautioned also.
I've discovered that many good hearted women seduce men into sleeping with them without the slightest inclination.
So women, let's deal with ourselves.

It is said that while women love affection, men may love sex.
Women love to be appreciated, softly spoken to, touched, hugged, caressed or kissed. They love gifts and good treats. Why?
Because these are supposedly signs of affection. Therefore, a woman in order to get this affection may dress skimpily, throw her body on her guy, peck, kiss without suggesting she wants sex, not knowing that these things may turn men on and get them demanding it.

Truth is...
'Men think women are like men and women think men are like women', quoting a friend of mine. They both think the other party wants what they want. Women therefore should be careful that they do not seduce men while trying to gain affection from them.

Another thing we don't understand is that a man can be turned on by our seduction but not release his sexual urge on the object of that seduction. So that he didn't ask to sleep with you after you tempted him doesn't mean he didn't get that fulfilment somewhere else. He could pick a prostitute, get a girl that wants the same or masturbate to just ease himself and by that you've lured him to sin without knowing.

Perfect love is gained when self-centeredness is lost.
If the woman considers that by her skimpy clothes, bear hugs and kisses she may tempt her man to sin, and the man also doesn't want to lure the woman to sin by demanding sex, God helping, both parties will live in purity before marriage.

©Radiant~ February 2014

Wednesday 19 February 2014

We'll Spoil Everything

Keep your hands off my waist
And your lips far from mine
Please don't be in a haste
Wait until I am thine
Keep your feet when we dine
And your legs please don't swing
Take heed lest we are drunk on wine
If not, we'll spoil everything

Keep your neck at it's place
And your fingers by your side
Let your eyes not leave my gaze
To wander on my curves or tide
Keep our nose bridge long and wide
But that of our hearts so thin
May our heads not hearts decide
If not, we 'll spoil everything

Keep your mind unto our talk
'Specially when we're in the sand
Pick the public for our walk
Lest we are tempted when we stand
Let shakes not go past my hand
And hugs not too long for sin
To find good room to us disband
If not, we'll spoil everything

Touch not
You can, after the ring
If not
We'll spoil everything

©Radiant~February 2014

Sunday 16 February 2014

Hard work vs. Head work

Your leathery hands
With hairs like a wolf's
And nails disfigured
Remind me of a figure
Like the dew of the morning
Is the sweat on your body
With a thick repelling perfume
Of salt water and fumes
Day in day out
Is your hustle and bustle
Your huddle and muddle
Aluta continua
Some sit on seats pressing keys
While the surly sun kisses your bald
They work with their heads
You work with your hands
And they spend not as much your brawn
They live in big mansions
You live in big cartons
'Cause you've spent not as much their brain

Thursday 13 February 2014

The Day Before Valentine

I remember those days at secondary school
Hopes piled up to a mountain
Girls behaving
Boys repenting
On those days
Girls dreamt
Boys didn't sleep
Everyone frenzied about the morrow
Waiting for surprises that began at noon night
While hearts raced
And minds walked
People laughed
And some fought
All for a blessed day
Coming tomorrow
For some, love; for some, sorrow
Known as Valentine

Saturday 1 February 2014

Dreamland- An African Woman's Wish

I'm in my dreamland
I wish I don't wake

It's here you look at me
It's here your smile I see
It's here I get your hug
It's here I'm not a bug

Blissful romantic tune
Lost in lust, high in the moon
Love life like Mills and Boon
I'm so not waking up soon

I'm in my dreamland
If I dare wake

I'll be back to dreams and bleak
I'll be back to hide and seek
Back to hate and dread
Back to beg your bread

Still in my dreamland
Yet I'm wide awake