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The Mind of the Rich versus The Mind of the Poor

Recently, I have been learning a lot on Biblical financial prosperity from Apostle Joshua Selman. My most important lesson is that I must be wealthy in my mind before I can attract physical wealth. This is one of my notes from his message. You can listen to the full sermon here . The Difference Between The Mind of the Rich and the Mind of the Poor 1. The rich believe in taking responsibility for the outcome of their lives. They believe they have a role to play in their wealth. The poor believe in luck and chance. They just hope that one day their situation will change.  2. The rich are very disciplined and patient people. The poor are very indisciplined and impatient. The poor want get-rich-quick schemes. They cannot wait to build their wealth before  they begin to display it. Never be under pressure to prove to people you have made it. 3. The rich believe in the law of process. They know that it takes time to build wealth. The poor always want results without p