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My Work And My Stammer

The 21st century workplace is so fast-paced that it could easily turn humans into emotionless robots. Could a stammering colleague be a check carefully designed by nature to force us to slow down, think about the next person and have meaningful conversations? Medical profession is one of such fast paced environments and a very challenging one at that. Apart from the voluminous wealth of knowledge one should have, it involves thinking on one’s feet, making quick decisions of dire consequences and communicating such. Add these to the possibility of making mistakes, getting complaints, failing exams, losing one’s medical licence, being struck off the register and so on, and this explains why anxiety, stress and exhaustion are commonplace in this profession. These emotions are amplified for stammering doctors, for whom unlike professionals dealing with computers, clay or pots, verbal communication is inevitable. I am one of those. The following are some of my most challenging workplace sce

Lessons from Dr. Sunday Adelaja’s Laws of Money YouTube Series

I have been tremendously blessed by the YouTube series on The Laws of Money by Dr. Sunday Adelaja. It is just alarming how ignorant I have been regarding money matters. My mindset has completely turned around. Things I thought that mattered, no longer matter. Things that I never thought about, are now my constant thoughts. These series along with his book “Money Won’t Make You Rich” have completely renewed my thinking and lifestyle. Among many nuggets, the following are my take away tips: Money is not to be spent but to be multiplied. These teachings have taught me not to immediately start thinking of what to spend on once I get some money in my bank account, but on how to multiply it. Only after money has been multiplied 10x am I qualified to begin spending it. Listen to the series to understand more. After paying God (tithes), pay yourself. I’ve learnt to be religious about my savings. It shouldn’t be left to the last. I should come before my bills. Don’t let them take away your m