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To Help or Not: My Dilemma on a Headless Being

I saw a headless person walking today at the King’s Cross Train station. Like Moses attracted to the burning bush, this piqued my interest. So I looked more intently at the strange sight. Apparently it was an old woman who was bent over so much I couldn’t see her head from the back. I wondered how she coped with life. As I observed, I saw that she struggled to look up to the destination board. She kept going to the back hoping it would be easier to see. I knew she needed help, so I walked towards her. She tried to signal for help from 2 girls that passed her but they looked at her and went their way. She was saying, ‘no I’m not begging you for money’ when I approached.  "Where are you going to?", I asked. "Oh thank you very much", she said, " I’m going to Stoke.  Can I use my freedom bus pass here?" "No. It works on buses", I answered though not knowing really what freedom bus pass meant, "You may have

Spinach sauce

Ingredients Ingredients Spinach - 4 Tesco packs Carrot - 2 medium-sized Mixed bell peppers - red, yellow, green  Scotch bonnet pepper - 2 or 3 Shrimps - 1 pack Crayfish - 2 table spoons Onions - 3 medium sized Vegetable oil - 1 cup Garlic - 3 cloves Thyme Knorr cubes Knorr Aromat all purpose seasoning Salt Cut and wash your spinach and set aside in a drain to drain water. Spinach brings out a lot of water, so you might even want to perboil it and drain the water first. 1. Put some vegetable oil in the pan.  2. Add a little salt. 3. Fry onions, scotch bonnet pepper, garlic cloves. 4. Add chopped carrots and fry till moderately tender. 5. Add raw shrimps and fry till pink. 6. Add diced mixed bell peppers. 7. Add spices - thyme/rosemary leaf, knorr cubes, all purpose seasoning, salt to taste. 8. Add spinach in stages and stir. It tends to shrink so don’t worry about the size of your pan/pot. 9. Taste for salt and adjust.