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Come my dear

I'm seeing him for the first time tomorrow  I'm excited  but tensed  I don't know what to expect  I'm curious  A little worried what he is going to look like
Something in me tells me there's something good in him Like I'm going to discover myself, live the life I've always wanted  I'm going to be happy  I'm eager to see him Yet I'm concerned I want to be free Will he let me live my fantasies Or will he make me rot in the drudgery of expected roles?
I can't wait to embrace him But I want to be assured I'll be safe with him
I have mixed feelings 
Queasy yet expectant  Like one who's expecting, anticipating yet a little worried about the pangs
When tomorrow comes I'll be with him And I'll do my best And trust God for the rest
Come my dear 2016!

Confessions of the Lachrymose

It seems I was thoroughly misunderstood in my last post. I got calls from concerned friends telling me to be strong-hearted 'cause life is tough and I'll face worse situations. I've decided to write this to explain what I casually said then. Maybe someone would be able to relate to it and proffer help based on experience. 
There are some people that have larger tear glands than others. They say they have the gift of tears. They are not necessarily emotional people. A lot of times their crying has nothing to do with how they feel about the situation they are crying about. Let me tell you how it is with me. 
I could cry wolf in emotional events and I could cry same in ordinary events. I cry when I see excellence displayed like when I'm in a concert, watching a singer or a dancer. I remember crying the first time I saw Jackie Evancho's YouTube videos. I still cry when I watch those performances she did when she was ten/eleven. It's understandable that I cried for Pa…

What Happened To Radiant?

You haven't heard from me for like a month now and you're wondering whatever happened to the passionate and chatty Radiant. Well, I just got stuck in the writer's block. You know I always wait for some kind of inspiration to hit me before I start writing. But today, I was reading a blog post by an 18yr old college girl and it struck me that I had actually strayed from my roots. I used to just write about things that happen to me and that's what blogging is about, right? Like a log of events, call it a journal, a diary, whatever. But recently I've been more concerned with writing a perfect story. So it's not really like I had the writer's block but I've written many things which I didn't think were good enough so I just dumped them. I want to be that blogger that whenever you see her post, you just have to read it 'cause you know it's not going to be a waste of your time- she really has something interesting to say, not just another joker suf…

What Really Matters To God

What Really Matters To God
Recently, I read The Final Quest by Rick Joyner and got a wake up call to what really matters to God. Also, I have noticed that in Scripture God keeps emphasizing helping the orphans, widows and the needy. He said on the last day the criteria for separating the sheep and goat will be showing love to the least of His brethren- offering food, shelter, clothing, visiting the sick and those in prison. One day, during a personal Bible study, I was flabbergasted to see what the sin of Sodom was as recorded in Ezekiel 16:49 "Sodom's sins were pride, gluttony and laziness, while the poor and needy suffered outside her door".
But we are all too occupied with how to make it in life. How to look successful among our equals—my-mate-must-not-pass-me syndrome. When we get out of school, at first we are trying to survive. We tell everyone coming to us for help that we don't have a job or that we are still serving. When we get our first job, depending on the…

Val's Day in FEDACAD

Last Val's day, Senior Tolu received 5 pieces. It was especially ridiculous because she was bragging on her gee and telling everyone to watch out for her truck load of presents. And we all watched out and had our fill of laughter. Too bad for Aniekan, my roommate who was sent to deliver the gift. She bore the brunt of her frustration. Now many girls are mum about tomorrow. I can almost hear the heart beats of some seniors. Guys just know how to crash our hopes and toss our reps. I have learnt not to expect much on days like this especially during love feasts. Last FCS love feast, I had given a packet of cornflakes. Guess what I received in return... An orange! —the very one that was served during lunch that day. Some of my friends received tissue paper, used toothpastes and all sorts of measly gifts. The most annoying thing was how these boys painstakingly wrapped those gifts, decorating them with colorful 'I love you' wrapping sheets. It is nevertheless easy to tell which…

My Comment On Linda's Banana Island Mansion

Yesterday, Linda Ikeji posted pictures of her new house in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos. She said she bought it for over half a billion Naira. I was among the people that shared the link not necessarily because I was very impressed with the house (and I was pretty much) but because of the inspirational message she added below the pics. I was really inspired and motivated by her message to young girls to believe in God and themselves, not look unto a man to save them from poverty, to be consistent in whatever they are doing. Her statements that struck me most were "you're more powerful than you think" and "when God wants to bless you, he will bless you, even if you're selling toothpick".

Now my advice to the millions that saw her post and have since been making calculations, planning on a change of career or have been depressed thinking they are failures because a 35 yr old female could achieve this and they are 40 just managing to pay rent.
1. We have differen…

The Story of a Girilized J-girl

I'm in trouble. I always am. Ever since I became her plate carrier, I have not escaped from punishments. I serve punishments during siesta and after night prep. Sometimes even before breakfast. From Squat And Fly Your Arms to Ride Okada to Pick Pin and the latest Agama Agama. Sometimes, mostly at night, she just makes me sit idly on courtyard in the cold for hours. Other seniors give non-corporal punishments like scrubbing the gutters, mopping the corridors, doing the room. She prefers to punish the flesh. I'm called her plate carrier, but that's an understatement. I am practically her slave. I do everything for her save to wash her panties which I'm sure she'd have delegated to me if the gist wouldn't toss her rep. I know that because she stores them in her bucket for days until she has no extra to wear. Then she brings them all out and washes them, spreading them on the lines in front of our room (Room 4) and Room 5, pretending to be a Sacow because they are …

About My Labels

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YALI West Africa Week 4

By this time we had begun to lose our fire. Prof. Dankwa was gone with our YALI time. People showed up for classes at 9am. We were split into our various classes: Entrepreneurship, Public Administration and Civic Leadership. My Entrepreneurship class was the most interesting. We had practicing entrepreneurs as guest speakers come to tell their stories about how they started small, the challenges they faced and how they've managed the glory. We had Philip Ayesu( Multiple Concepts, X-men), Christy Brown (fashion designer), Akila (beaded bags). The most exciting for me was Leymah Gbowee, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate who spoke with us as a mother would her children. 
She addressed the entire YALI participants advising us not to be in a hurry to make the headlines, not to run without brains just because we are called The Cheetah Generation, but to be consistent in what we do and wait for our own time. She also shared her family life with us, explaining how she has tried to cope with bei…

Empire Review

So I finally saw Empire, after much recommendation by friends who thought I needed it for my music career. It's an interesting movie, great story line, beautiful acts, nice songs, great performances, great lessons to learn about the music industry and music business. However, it's not a movie I'd recommend to my younger ones or anyone at that. The devil is tricky. He hides his agenda behind interesting stories. You need to be spiritually dead to not see the works of the flesh that that movie promotes. 
1. It trivializes fornication and adultery. Like most movies of the west anyway, they make you believe adultery is inbuilt in men. Like they can't help but cheat and so make us ladies think it's a battle between us and the other lady on who can have the man. It teaches women to get back at their men by also being promiscuous.  2. It promotes homosexuality and other sexual perversions. It wants you to believe that there are people born that way and you should accept the…

Sorry for the long silence

hi guys. I'm really sorry I have not posted new topics on this blog. I have been so busy at the Accra Regional Centre. Once I'm a little free, be sure that I'll post something interesting. Meanwhile do well to visit to enjoy my songs. Ciao

YALI West Africa Week 3

This week was less hectic than last. I was glad to not come back from classes with bloodshot eyes and a headache like I did last week. We got a lot of inspiration from guest speakers. One was Farida Bedwei, a young woman who rose against her cerebral palsy disability to become a software programmer and CEO of her own tech company. It was a very inspiring moment for us. We left there asking ourselves what excuse we had for not living out our full potentials. I learnt from her to delete ' I can't ' from my vocabulary but rather replace it with 'I will try'.

This week we were privileged to meet with the former president of Ghana, President John Kuffour
We also sent forth Prof. Ofori Dankwa of the Siginaw Valley State University, Michigan, who had been our facilitator from the beginning alongside Prof. Saffou and Dr. Marc Hardy. We are all going to miss him. We all love his style of teaching which he calls 'serious play'. He taught us the YALI song, introduced YA…

YALI West Africa Week2

This week we were drilled with so many assignments and team projects, working with short deadlines, having altercations within our teams, e.t.c. It was a challenging experience. 

My team emerged winner of the 8 teams in Elephant Group. Our assignment was to create a poster showing the practical, creative and individual strategies we propose for fighting corruption.
There were 24 teams, 3 big groups: Lions, Elephants and Eagles. So we had 3 winners, one from each group.
Meet my team
Winning poster from Lions's group
Creative works from other teams

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