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West Africa Faith Believers Conference 2016

The West Africa Faith Believers Conference 2016 has been ongoing since Friday 22nd January. It continues till this Friday 29th January. It has been a prophetic, power-packed experience I wish you didn't miss. Please if you've not been around, try and make it for the remaining sessions. We've had the following speakers so far: Pastors Mark and Trina Hankins, Dr. Mike Murdock, Bishop Wale Oke, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, Bishop Feb Idahosa, Pastor Efe Obuke, Pastor Cyril Yerifor, Pastor Iyang Okutiyang. Some of them like Dr. Mike Murdock still have sessions to take. Future appearances include: Dr. Bill Winston and many more.  Dr. Mike Murdock today Bishop Feb Idahosa Be there! Radiant~ January 2016 Please note that Radiant's Blog has been moved to another site: For more recent posts and comments please visit  and subscribe to the mailing list. Thanks for your support.

West Africa Bloggers Conference 2016

I am so excited that I made a very good choice today by going for the West Africa Bloggers Conference held at Berkeley Hotel on Isaac John street, Ikeja, Lagos. It was a remarkable experience. I learnt a whole lot about blogging business and was challenged to action. I also networked with fellow bloggers and even got some gifts. It was interesting to see people who had gone through the hurdles and had made it, people trying to establish their grounds like me, people who just started blogging and aspiring bloggers in the same atmosphere hungry for knowledge. I learnt many things about social media that I never knew. It was a 2-day program which started yesterday but I could only attend today's. We had about 7 speakers today. Ifeanyi Aniagoh, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Anambra state on Social Media inspired us to "blog responsibly". He challenged us to quit circulating bad news but rather look for good in every story and promote it. Telling us of ho

Character Check

Pastor Bankie says that one of the reasons God gives us jobs is to build character. You have to develop discipline, patience, tolerance with fellow workers and customers, humility. You don't know what's in you until you're pushed to the wall. Well, I didn't know how bad my character was until a patient's relative pointed it out yesterday.  She said I was rude and disrespectful. I never imagined one could use those terms in describing me. I thought I was just the gentle doctor that minds her own business. I was quite hurt on hearing that, but thankful to God that it was pointed out. And I knew what the root of the problem was.  Yesterday, a young woman had visited with her husband who had been discharged the previous day. He was to receive his daily parenteral medications. They were sitting on the couch near the door when I saw them. I walked close to them and waited for eye contact before I greeted. The patient was the one that looked my direction.

I Won't Stop Writing

Right now I feel so fulfilled. I slept pretty fagged out last night and woke up in the middle of the night picking up my phone to respond to comments on my last post (I really wish that those who sent me their comments actually left their comments on the blog and not just on our private chats on BBM or Whatsapp). After I was done, my eyes were peeled so I decided to read through some of my old posts (actually looking for errors to correct). It turned out to be the best thing I have done in recent times, a very good cathartic. I have been so refreshed by just going through some posts from two years ago till last year. I read some posts I thought weren't so good and I was amazed at my dexterity. I read my poems: We'll spoil everything, Hard work vs Head work, Dangerous, Holding hands, Lockdown and I was like  Mhen , I'm good. Read my memoirs: Trembling digits, Confessions of a trembling heart, Lessons learnt, Motor Park Brouhaha, e.t.c and I was really impressed. I was e

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is my daddy's birthday. Sitting in my office, I decided to play back some nice memories I've had with him. Growing up, moments with Daddy were very significant ones. You'd not forget them in a hurry because you left him either crying or jubilating. You couldn't be in-between. Either you were getting a lash on your palm or a chicken on your lap. He loved Chicken  Suya  and used to buy it on his way back from work. We anticipated mouth-watering  Suya  many nights. When someone said "Daddy is calling you", it sent our hearts into our mouths until we had gotten to the bottom of the matter. Luckily, it would be to pick our share of some roasted  Ube  or to finish his meal. The latter I loved very much. I didn't like that Daddy had to eat the 'special' meal always. Even days that we had beans on both menus, Daddy's meal would be prepared separately from ours and there was always a difference in taste, Daddy's tasting much better. T

Happy New Year

Hi guys. Holiday is over and in case you need a reminder, the year has begun. We are now in the year 2016. One thing you should know- the year is made up of 12 months, 4 complete weeks in each month plus some spill over and 7 days in each week. The choices you make daily are what determine how the year will be. So, what choice are you making right now?  I'd love to: Get closer to God by seeking Him more this year Read more Help more Be more diligent I have expectations for this year like we all do and I want to see them come to pass, even more than I imagine. I pray we all have the best year of our lives. I pray I continue to be a blessing to you, to inspire, motivate, encourage, help you by my posts and that you bless me with lovely comments, prayers and wishes and testimonies of transformed lives. Let's do this again. Happy new year! ©Radiant~ 2016