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Gratitude and Lessons Learnt in 2017

We have come to the end of the year, when people sit down to take account of their lives for the past 365 days, to review goals, identify shortcomings, take correction and make new year resolutions. While we are eager to focus on goals not achieved and to plan for the new year, I pray we do not forget to thank God for His faithfulness. The year might not have gone as we had hoped, but the One who is in charge of our lives might have altered your plans or allowed them go haywire because He is the One in control. He knows the end He has planned for you and if you love Him, then rest assured that all things are working together for your good. You might have made mistakes, recognize them, learn your lessons, leave behind the guilt and move on to the new year because God has so much in store for you. What lies ahead is much better than your past.  I am particularly thankful to the Lord for this year. I am not one of those that make plans for the new year. I hardly have set goals to ach