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How Good Is The Love Feeling?

She can't concentrate at work. She has exams, but she can't read. She's always checking her phone for missed calls even though it's been close to her and on 'Loud' profile. She behaves crazy and they say she's crazy in love. She's actually mad, and it's that she's madly in love. She dreams every night now. And it's of her in her wedding dress or honey moon or carrying her baby. 
Wait! He hasn't even declared any interest yet. But she has solved all the puzzles in her mind by substituting him for x. She picks up her phone to call, but that's not right. She doesn't want to seem desperate, so she drops it and sits tight. She waits so long she feels sick. Alright, maybe a chat will do. She sends a hi on Whatsapp and it's taking some time to deliver. She switches off her phone and puts it back on and it's saying the same thing. She removes her battery, waits a little while and fixes it back and then this time she's lucky. S…

The Roving Mind And Powerful Words

I'm supposed to be reading. But I've gone through this particular paragraph for the umpteenth time; I wonder what I'm thinking about. I try again. This time taking every line ultra slowly like the Holiness preachers of those days. But then I'm preaching to myself.
Serological... studies... can... also... be... performed... on... serum... samples... collected... from... patients...10... days... apart. 
I don't get it, so I read the line again, trying my best to focus and visualize every word.  
Se.. ro.. lo.. gi.. cal.
'What are serological studies?', I ask myself, 'What are serum samples?' Collected from patients. Ten days apart. Oh! It's simple now. So why didn't I understand it before?  I continue reading and soon I'm at the end of the paragraph not knowing how I got there 'cause I can't tell what sentences I just read. I jolt back to reality on spotting a particular word; one that induces terror. The word—DEAD! I read that line ag…

Today's Message

Title: God's Eco system
Preacher: Pastor Poju Oyemade Church: Covenant Christian Centre Service: 8:00am
Scripture Texts: Deut: 11:8-11, Deut 8:7-9, Acts 7:17-35
Body of message Pastor started his message with the parable of the sower, explaining that 'in God's kingdom, equal opportunities don't give birth to equal results', just as the different situations received the same seed and yielded different results. Even the good land yielded in different measures. He emphasized that the seed is the Word of God. And therefore, in God's kingdom, whatever success will be birthed will be by sowing the Word of God. And like the Bible explained, the seeds that fell by the wayside and were eaten by the birds of the field represent those that heard the word but didn't understand it. He cited an example saying that he was talking to someone about the schedule for the upcoming WAFBEC and he said that after some sermons, then there'll be prayer sessions and the person was lik…

Girls Only: 15 Things your mother didn't tell you

In the transition from girlhood to womanhood, a lot of things are left unsaid. The girl has to figure out herself how to fit into a world with so many devourers and looters, many who love her body and not her virtue; those who want her company but only as a concubine. She learns them by her own mistakes, sometimes it's too late to correct consequences. Sometimes, she never learns them. In my little sojourn and from interactions with other men and women, I have garnered some nuggets that will guide the lady if known and understood.  Your mom probably told you some of what I'm about to tell you, but here is why:

1. Don't go to his house. You will most likely go back. And one day, you'll sleep over. 2. Sometimes in life, you need not be afraid of making enemies. Sometimes, you need to let them say you are snobby to save your soul. 3. Don't hesitate to say NO. If you are on the hot seat and can't think of an appropriate answer, it's always safer to say NO. After al…

Bangladeshi kwa!

Bangladeshi kwa!
That was my exclamatory reaction, as a typical Igbo girl, alone in my room where I had no chance to 'form', on seeing the statistics on the traffic to my blog. Last time I checked, it was majorly from Nigeria and if there were other countries, they were too little to be noticed. This time it read, over the past one week, Nigeria: 195, Bangladesh: 88, Indonesia: 58, United States: 55, Canada: 11, India: 11, United Kingdom: 9, United Arab Emirates: 5, Netherlands: 5 , Austria: 2. You can imagine my shock on seeing such a statistic. I wouldn't have been so shocked if U.S came after Nigeria, 'cause I'll just assume that it was still from Nigerians since there are many of us in the U.S. But Bangladesh? It's definitely not just from a Nigerian audience.
All I can say is Thank you Lord. Your Word is coming to pass. Isaiah 60:3 'Nations shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising'.
©Radiant ~January 2015

Chidiogo, The Writer

I'm smiling A little while and I smile again I even laugh at times As I scroll down the comments page on my blog I feel like Jesus now When he said I have food that you know not of Seeing the testimonies of people, some that I don't even know Of my being a blessing to them Of me making their day Them appreciating the gift of God in me The feeling is priceless
I smile again It says 'I've bookmarked this blog' Thank you Lord for your gift I'm humbled
I went to visit my friend the other day, and she was introducing me to her brother. Immediately she mentioned my name, he said, 'Chidiogo, the writer?' We were taken aback for a moment. I was amazed but excited. My friend said that I had become popular and really one day I'd be known worldwide as Chidiogo, the writer. I kept on smiling. He said he read my posts. I wasn't used to that description of me. Maybe if he said 'Radiant, the writer' it would have rung a bell.
I smile again This one says, 'nice piec…

Yesterday Was Last Year

This morning, as I scrolled down a few BCs I had received on BBM, I stumbled on one that piqued my interest. It read, 'do you know that it is possible to get into the toilet and not come out till the following year?' I was curious to know how interesting this story was that the chap just had to send it to me on a new year day, instead of wishing me a splendid year like others were doing. So I read along. 'Just try and enter the toilet by 11:59pm and come out after a minute'. Oh! A minute to new year, that was the catch. Smart! Really smart joke. But who would like to spend the last minute of his life in 2014 in the loo? Just thinking.
I spent my last hours in church as most Christians do yearly on New Year's Eve at what we call Cross Over Night or Sevice. That was my first cross over service ever because, up until last year which was last night, I spent my New Year's Eve at home with family. Mom would wake us up by 11pm to pray and prophesy into the new year. By…