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Spiritual Warfare - How to Deal With Your Enemies

Recently in a group Bible study, a question was raised regarding how to deal with enemies, those we have confirmed through accurate prophecy are working against us and want our downfall. Another  discussion with someone on the same topic also got me answering these questions: Is it right to pray for the death of our enemies?  Can we specifically name a person and demand their death within a given period? The most quoted scripture to back this method of prayer is in  Exodus 22:18 which says, "Suffer not a witch to live." Note that I am not referring to spiritual warfare of binding and casting of spirits and taking spiritual authority by our words. I am only referring to the practice of planning and projecting the physical death (through spiritual warfare) of human beings whom have been considered "witches" or enemies of progress. Here are my thoughts. With regards to the above scripture, let's look at the context. The two verses after