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Just Me

There's nothing like good music in lonely moments There's nothing like good food in an empty stomach There's nothing like cold water to a thirsty soul Nor is any like a phone call from your best friend There are moments I cherish Moments I won't trade or rubbish Moments of laughter, 'gisting', playing, taking pictures with my good friends Studio sessions, making my songs Quiet times when I pour my heart to God Bible study at 'Kingdom Word' There are things that give me a broad smile Watching the page view count on my blog rise Having time to sleep during my call Reading lovely comments on my wall Meeting people of similar interests Watching pictures and recalling good memories Yet there are things that make me sad Falling into the hands of a bad producer Falling in love with someone I can't have And yet some that irritate me Seeing DP's that make pun of porn Guys that don't know the meaning of 'No' And touts

Mom of life

Today is my mom's birthday and I want to use this platform to honour her today in my writing. She's a most unique woman. 'Yea, who won't talk good about her mom', you are probably thinking right now. Well, it's not my fault that she's altogether good and I thank God for giving me her for a mother. Let me tell you about my mom. First, she is a godly woman. She's a practical christian. She brought us up in christian principles that have guided and kept us till now. Things like praying, reading the Bible, giving, fasting, etc. She would wake up every day at 4am to pray on her own, then wake us up for morning devotion. Secondly, she is educated and loves education. My mom is responsible for my intelligence. She took out time to teach me Maths and English and even once in secondary school when I complained about Biology she read it and began explaining to me. I was good at Grammar and Oral English in school just because mummy always corrected our grammar a