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RadiantKing: Finally Making His Intentions Known 2

King: I couldn't believe what I heard that night. Well, she was right since I wasn't ready "...but now I am", I told her. I tried to convince her but didn't achieve much. Normally, I would join the mid-week service online from the office but the following day, I decided to go to church so I could see her. I had left the office early but by the time I arrived, it was like nothing happened there; no thanks to third mainland bridge traffic. I headed straight to her abode hoping she would be back home but she wasn't. I decided to wait but guess what? Her new guy came to drop her off while I was in my car watching. Chai! See my life. In my mind I was thinking: Where did they go? What has he bought for her? I have to reciprocate whatever gesture that guy has shown. So when she eventually came over, I opened the door for her to get in; I was taking her out.
We got to somewhere serene where I told her to order for anything she wanted while I was arranging words in my h…

RadiantKing: Finally Making His Intentions Known

Radiant: I had moved on with my life since my admirer did not reciprocate the affection. At least, he was no more blocking the way for other men. I started seeing someone - a tall, dark and handsome who had asked for a relationship from Day One. It was kind of strange though. My theory of first being friends before a relationship had not quite worked with Kingston. Here I was with someone I only had known from afar asking for a relationship. Well, I damned the rules and agreed to it. How else will I get to know him? After all, there are so many ways to kill a cat. We spent time talking about our lives while strolling or driving. I asked specific questions as I hadn't been given much time to figure out his personality. One day, I asked if he had fought in public before and he narrated an instance when he did. So I asked him if it were now, knowing all he knew, would he react the same way? He replied that sometimes people need to be taught a lesson to take you seriously. That remark …

RadiantKing: Him Not Saying Anything

Radiant: Kingston and I had become close friends. He gave me a lift to and fro Sunday service since my house was on his way to church. We had jovial chats and banter and I felt comfortable around him. He was now chief editor of my blog. He gladly did it and that, so excellently. I was in love with him. But I had a problem - he had not mentioned any intention of a relationship. 
I was in an awkward situation. I could not tell other interested parties that I was free to mingle, yet it would be costly to assume I was in a relationship with him as he hadn't said anything to me. I could either wait endlessly or broach him with the topic at the risk of sounding desperate. The problem with the first option was that I stood a risk of losing potential promising young men interested in me, for someone I was in love with who probably only saw me as a friend.
One day, during one of our chats, I seized an opportunity to ask for clarity on the status of our relationship. He dropped a bombshell, th…

RadiantKing - Becoming Friends

After our meeting at the inductions in July 2015, I left for Ghana for the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) programme which lasted 5 weeks. As fate would have it, I received only 2 phone calls from Nigeria. 
First, was from my then Chyker, the one of which I had said our relationship was complicated. Yes it was, because I was not attracted to him yet I wanted to get a chance to know him beyond his physical appearance, lest I miss out on God's gift in an uncomely wrapping. Though not Prince Charming, he had a lot of business sense and I learnt a few things from him. Since we had no common platform, we often met over drinks and chips, sharing ideas, trying to know each other better, but I was not comfortable with the idea of a relationship with him partly because he was much older than me. However, his call that day solved my dilemma. I was out late at a YALI business dinner at around 10pm, which was 11pm in Nigeria. As I could not hear him due to the loud music, I asked him t…


I would love to share with you my sermon notes from today's Sunday service at The Kings Glory Centre, King's Lynn. 

Research shows that we spend about a third of our lives doing work. Work is not a curse. God called us to do work from the beginning. Adam and Eve were designed to make their environment better.
A Christian's attitude towards work should be to: Give it your best shot. Be positive and don't grumble. Have joy in your heart. Don't waste opportunities. Take every opportunity to show the glory of God.
Colossians 3 22Slaves, obey your earthly masters in every respect, not only when they are watching - like those who are strictly people-pleasers - but with a sincere heart, fearing the Lord.23Whatever you are doing, work at it with enthusiasm, as to the Lord and not for people
Ephesians 5 15Therefore be very careful how you live - not as unwise but as wise,16taking advantage of every opportunity, because the days are evil.
God does not condone laziness and idleness.

RadiantKing - The Meeting 2

Kingston narrates:Finally, I made up my mind to join C4 – the Covenant Christian Centre Choir – after observing from the congregation for about 2 years. A call was made for an audition of new members so I took the chance. Among the many called, I made the cut of the chosen few who began the induction process. At the end of the classes, we were split into 2 groups and asked to compose and perform a song as the final part of our induction process within 2 weeks. It was the kind of challenge I liked but I wasn’t expecting to see fingers pointed at me when it was time to choose a group leader. Gosh! A few people who knew me from my campus fellowship were in my group.Anyway, we got to work. We decided on a theme for the song we would compose and to present suggestions through our Whatsapp group over the week. I observed there was a certain lady who kept sending voice notes and lyrics of her compositions even during work hours. It was nice to see someone shared such enthusiasm about the pro…

RadiantKing - The Meeting

I met Kingston at our church's new choristers' induction week. We had just scaled through the rigorous auditions process which comprised a written exam on music theory with questions like, 'which notes on the piano are not followed by black keys?' and a practical session where we were made to ah, ooh and eh till our chords could carry no more and based on that I was labelled a Soprano singer, contrary to my long held notion of being a Tenor singer. 
It was in this same choir I learnt that vocal parts are classified according to vocal ranges and not harmony. When I said "I sing tenor", I actually meant that I loved to harmonize with the high male tone. And since Sopranos usually sing the melody in many songs, people like me hated to be called Soprano singers because we preferred to harmonize. Well, this choir was different because sopranos got to harmonize sometimes. I am now a proud Soprano.
During the induction, we had sessions to help us understand the essenc…

Save The Date #RadiantKing

I am getting married!!!
How wonderful guys! Finally we've graduated from the Chyking classes. And for some that thought my principles were queer, as you can see they've worked for me. I am getting married to my friend.
This announcement has to come in stages
First the meeting Becoming friends Him not saying a thing Finally making his intentions known Me leaving for Masters Long distance relationship The reunion The engagement Preparing for the wedding
If you want to hear it all, keep visiting this blog.

My King is all and more than I wished for in my future husband. He is patient, kind, gentle, supportive, wise. He loves me with all my flaws. He seeks to make me a better woman. Thank you Lord for saving this one for me.
So now you know.

Radiant ~ October 2018