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My London Office Experience

So I've spent 4 weeks in my internship at Action on Smoking and Health, a public health charity in London which deals with advocacy and campaign to eliminate the harm to health due to tobacco smoke. It has been a great experience working with colleagues from England, Scotland and USA and very cordial people at that.  What more, I am excited to finally experience the corporate world especially since I never had a proper office job in Nigeria. All my work experience before now has been confined to hospital wards wearing ward coats and scrubs, or in consulting rooms listening, taking notes and prescribing drugs. Having to sit in front of a computer with my cup of coffee/tea from 9am to 5pm amidst other colleagues working on their computers is very interesting. Prolly says a lot about my personality. I don't like moving around too much. The part of this type of 9 to 5 office job you'd think I will not like is the targets and deadlines. On the contrary, I actually like them. F