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Monday 28 January 2019

The Imperative of the Presence of God

Sunday service sermon
@ The King’s Glory Centre, King’s Lynn

Preacher - Pastor Blessing

The presence of God is tangible and can be sort, acquired, retained and lost. If you must lose anything, do not lose the Presence of God.

Gen. 39:1-2 Joseph was a slave but became prosperous because God was with him. Without God's presence, you are limited, vulnerable, exposed.

Acts 12:1-20 Peter's chains fell off at the presence of God. There are habits people are struggling with. The prescription is to seek the presence of God. In life there are gates - dreams you have, ambitions etc. If you have the presence of God those gates will open just like the iron gate opened on its own due to the presence of God around Peter. But why did he allow the angel depart? When he eventually got to his people the door didn't open; he kept knocking. Where the presence of God is absent, frustration is inevitable.

Ps. 16:11The path of life is in the presence of God. There is fullnes of joy and pleasures where there is God's presence.

The presence of God is never to be assumed. Luke 2:46 It is so fragile that even the one who carries it may not know that it has departed. Jesus' parents went a day's journey without Him but did not know. Same way a lot of Christians live their lives without God's presence. A church can be functional without God's presence. It took Mary and Joseph 3 days to find him.

Why do we rush out of our homes without God's presence? We do not do this because we believe we can do it on our own. We can get victory over the day before we step out. The presence of God is to be sought diligently.

Jer.29:13 A man carrying the presence of God is loaded with power. Joseph had it in the prison and in the palace. If you have the presence of God in your career you'll find out that you're just favoured. While others practised catwalk, Esther sought God's presence and it brought her favour before the king. David never prayed to be king; all he longed after was for God's heart.

Heb. 5:7 Jesus sought God's presence with strong crying and tears. Without the presence of God we are compelled to go through the same process that mortal men go through. The presence of God is the lubrication of life and must be sought with desperation.

Radiant ~ January 2019
Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic.

Monday 21 January 2019

Why God Lets You Go Through A Long Journey

20/10/19 @ The King's Glory Church, King's Lynn, Norfolk

Preaching - Pastor Oladapo Adegoke

Theme 2019: Year of Clarity - Sons of Issachar understood the times

Why God will let you go through a long journey

1. He knows what He's building; to develop you E.g. Joseph - from his dreams, to the pit, to Potiphar's house, to the prison, to becoming Egypt’s Prime Minister

2. He knows what you'll face in future. E.g. he took the Israelites through a longer route to Canaan so that they wouldn’t turn back to Egypt when challenges came.

3. So that you could learn obedience. E.g. Abraham had to move before getting further instructions. He obeyed although He could not see the end.

4. God takes you through process so you can impact people around you.

5. So that He can take the glory.

What to do when going through 

1. Praise God at all times.

2. You have to know where you are

3. Approach the throne of grace with confidence

I add:
When going through, do not grumble or complain. The Israelites murmured and complained and they died in the wilderness.

Do you have any insights on this topic, please share in the comment section below. Thanks.

Radiant ~ January 2019

Saturday 19 January 2019

Paulo by Radiant

Who remembers the age-long Nollywood movie "Living in Bondage"? I think it was the first Nollywood movie I ever watched. And who remembers the scene where Andy (Kenneth Okonkwo) was asked to bring the head of his wife for the money ritual which his friend, Paul had lured him into? Andy exclaimed "Paulo, Paulo, Paul akowarolum ife a ofuma" meaning Paul did not explain this thing properly. I never forgot that line. The movie had such impact on us kids, that we formed many songs around it including the following: 

Living in bondage (clap clap clap clap)
Part 1 and Part 2 (clap clap clap clap)
Merit anwugo (clap clap clap clap)
O bu onye gburu ya (clap clap clap clap)
Andy Okeke (clap clap clap clap)
Tufiakwa! Andy Tufiakwa! Andy


Living in Bondage
Part 1 and Part 2
Merit is dead
Who killed her?
Andy Okeke
Abomination! Andy Abomination! Andy

Who remembers this song?

It's many years past and I still can't forget the lesson of that movie. One day in 2014, as I sat in a music studio, I was inspired to write a song and guess the phrase that jumped into my head - Paul akowarolum ife a ofuma. Please click to listen. To download and share with your friends, please click on the pop out icon at the top right of the box below and you will see a download icon. I will be expecting your feedback. Thank you.

Radiant- Paulo Lyrics

Radiant Radiant
Paulo Paulo Paulo

Verse 1
You tell me say no problem
You tell me say e too easy
You say the deal na kpomkwem
You no tell me say e dey risky
Now I don enter
Na me dey suffer the pain
Why? O why you no explain

Paulo... Paulo...
I kowarolu mu (4x)
(Hey, ikowarolu mu, Paulo)
Paulo... Paulo... (ikowarolu mu)
Paul akowarolum ife a ofuma

Verse 2
Listen, me and you no be the same
You get your own lane and I get my lane o
You carry me enter one kponge
You no tell me and you no explain o
Now yawa don gas
And my life don crash
Paulo ikowarolum ife a ofuma 
If I no say na so e go be
I for no follow you go
I don try am and e no work for me 
I no know say, na so e go be

You made me follow you to the graveyard
Now you walk on water
And I'm ground here in the gutter
A si na oke na ngwere ma mmiri (They say that when a rat and a lizard enter the rain)
O ma nko n'aru oke (It doesn't dry on the rat's body) A proverb
I mere m buru onye nkiri (you've made me a spectacle)
Gi wa nozi n'ofe (while you are busy enjoying life)

Writers: Radiant, Dekumzy
Producer: Typikl
Master: Specialty
Studio manager: Spykes

Click here to listen to another of my song titled Try ft. NC

Sunday 13 January 2019

Onyenememma by Bella Samuel

Hot New Single From Bella Samuel - Onyenememma

A phenomenal Nigerian gospel singer, Bella releases his debut single and he sure did not disappoint.

Onyenememma which means ‘the one who does good’ tells of the goodness of God. It flows in sweet rhythm and lyrics bringing the essence of praise and worship wherever you are. 

Now Bella is someone I know personally. I have always admired his mic control, confidence and the flare he adds to every song he leads. I can only be excited about this original song of his, Onyenememma

Bella Samuel’s Onyenememma Lyrics


Omekwara m ozo e
You’ve been good to me
Omekwara m ozo e
You are God and you never change.
Like the rod of Moses
You parted the deep red sea
Like the slinging stones of David
The giants are falling down
Like the 5 loaves and 2 fishes
You’ve multiplied what I have
You have lifted me Jehovah
You’ve given me Victory
Jesu, Oloore oooo Jehovah O mekwara m ozo e
Jesu Onibuore ooo
Jehovah Omekwara m ozo eee
When the night has come
My God remains the same
And the sun is risen only you deserves the praise
I will tell the world of your goodness and love
And from my mouth you’ll know
Onyenememma is for real……

Follow Bella Samuel on the following social media platforms:

Instagram @bellamuzic
Face Book - Bella Samuel Olamilekan
Twitter @bellamuzic

Using Android, click on the play button below to listen. To download, just click on the pop out icon at the top right corner of the box below and click on download button at the top right of the subsequent page.

iPhone users please click on the download button below.

Have you listened? Please leave your comments below.

Radiant ~ January 2019

Tuesday 1 January 2019

Marriage 101: How Resentment Breeds

Why are you frowning?, hubby asks.

I quickly construct a fake smile and reply,

I am not frowning. Should I be smiling all the time? In my mind, so someone cannot afford to frown. You just have to notice.

Then I hear in my spirit
You have no right to be angry when you can not articulate what the problem is.

Do you recognise this scenario?

Many times we are angry about something but cannot really explain to the other what it is we are angry about. How do we expect them to understand and to apologise? We think they should just know that they’ve hurt us. 

The following scriptures come to mind.
Love is not resentful - 1 Cor 13:5
Be angry and sin not. Do not let the sun go down on your wrath - Eph 4:26
Watch out that no poisonous root of bitterness grows up to trouble you - Heb 12:15

I do not want to allow the devil a door into my marriage. So I ask for grace to confess my unhappiness to my husband and God grants me utterance.

I lied. Yes I was frowning. I was angry. I am angryI confess.

Okay... why are you angry?, he probes.

We go on to talk about what had happened and we find out the problem is not what he said but how he said it. We resolve our differences and I am happy again.

It takes self discipline and humility to confess anger to your partner. But it is sure worth it. You may find out that you misunderstood their intention. Or at least they now know what gets on your nerves and will be careful to avoid it next time. 

How easily can you tell your partner that they’ve annoyed you? Do you prefer to be silent and frown? Do you tell it as it is? Please share in the comments section below. 

PS: Resolve to not let the devil a door into your marriage this year. Do not breed resentment. 
Happy new year!

Radiant ~ January 2018