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5 Irritating Habits of a Housemate

Sharing a house with other adults can be an exciting and enriching experience. If not for any thing, a cure for loneliness, people to talk to, laugh with, and so on. You also learn from your housemates as no two persons are the same. We do things differently and are experts at different things, so we can teach and learn from each other. Unfortunately, these differences can be the cause of constant friction, irritation, arguments, bitterness, malice, brawls and all what nots. I have had roommates, flatmates and housemates. And there are not many things that piss me off as these 5 habits of a housemate. 1. Leaving used crockery and utensils unwashed for days.  I understand that it's easy to forget. You might have planned to get the pot soaked so that when you come back later to wash it, the stains would come off easily, then you forgot. That's alright. But when this happens not once, not twice, c'mon, you're just lazy. Period.  2. Smoking in the house   While I don

My Experience at Hillsong church, London

I visited Hillsong Dominion Theatre today. Scrap that. I worshiped at Hillsong church today. 'Visited' sounds like I went there for tourism. Well, there is a little truth to that, but I seriously was looking for a Pentecostal church to worship at and was glad the Hillsong Dominion Theatre was not too far.   Two weeks ago, I was out on a church hunt. On Googling churches near me, all I could find were St. this, St. that. Though I was brought up Catholic, I have long become a Pentecostal that I feared I might find an Orthodox Church boring. I travelled three miles to get to a Pentecostal church I had seen on Google, but on getting there I discovered the church had moved. Sadly, I reversed my journey and since I was determined to go to church that day, I walked into the Methodist church that was close to my house. I wasn't surprised to be greeted by grey headed men and women. The church was from my perspective 60% black, 70% middle aged and elderly. As expected of an Orthodo

UNMSA 012 Mourns Her Own

I pick my phone as I stand in the bus on my way back home from work. Reflexively, my thumb goes to Whatsapp checking for new messages. I notice the blackout DP and the group name that has been changed to '012 Mourns'. I'm worried. 012 mourns what? I remember last night in the group was a whole lot of lamentation about the state of the country. So I'm not surprised at the name change. Maybe my classmates are still mourning for the situation of things in Nigeria. But that dark DP - I only see that when the worst has happened. We just mourned the loss of a senior colleague a few weeks back. Even then, I don't remember the group name being changed to '012 Mourns'. Does this mean we've lost one of ours? OMG! I open the conversation and the first word that gets my eye is Linda. What happened to Linda? I scroll through the conversations for answers. It is confirmed. Another has bitten the dust. But she is not just another. She is one of us. She is Linda. 

Keeping up with Radiant (Life in London)

Hi guys. I know you've not heard from me in a while. Really, I have no excuses. I could say I've had a lot on my plate like relocating to London, writing a professional exam, starting an internship, and all that jazz, but the truth is - I've been pretty lazy. Nothing should be enough to distract me from doing what I love the most. So, I'm really sorry I haven't met your expectations. I'm sorry for the times you've visited my blog, all to see that I had not posted anything new. I know that feeling. Like all those days of going on YouTube to check if SGIT Season 4 was out. I just gave up. But thankfully, it's back now. Just that it is being released in aliquots and I'm not good with suspense. I think I might just wait till the whole season is out and then watch everything at once.  So to catch up with what has been going on with me lately. Firstly, I am now a Masters in Public Health degree holder. Yippee! I am soooooo grateful for the past year, ev