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My CME Lectures story

2 weeks ago I was at a lush hotel on invitation by a big foreign pharmaceutical company for a  crash course on Asthma. I had heard they were awarding 10 CME (continuing medical education) points, so I went. I woke up early and found my way to Eko hotel. The environment was enough to gawk at and the reception was more than welcoming. On registration, I was given a comic book on an asthma story, some pamphlets, a pre test and a feed back form. The ushers were respectful and water was on the tables. Because people kept strutting in, the tables had to be removed to accommodate more people, yet the room was as cold as Canada. We had the tea break before we even started so as to save time while waiting for The Africans . We were allowed to help ourselves with pastries and cookies and tea or coffee. The lectures were fast paced but apprehensible. I was never bored. At lunch break, it was like a banquet. I found my friend and classmate and we began to do what chicks do: take selfies. From self

Set Up

I was invited by a friend to judge a food contest today. I didn't know it was for Wazobia TV. God set me up 'cause had I known, I'm sure I would have chickened out 'cause I don't speak Pidgin so well. Not having any certified cooking experience, I felt unqualified; but then I had this thing at the back of my mind, having attended several motivational talks. They always say, 'don't say you can't, say you can and then go learn how to do it'. I've always begrudged that statement. I really don't think we should go out grabbing every opportunity 'cause we will only end up being Jacks-of-all-trade and masters of none. That's how mediocre products and services are made. I believe I should be known for something that I'm the best at. However, I didn't also want to miss an opportunity that was mine because of fear. I had learnt my lessons well. Thankfully, I didn't have time to contemplate. Before I could say yeah or nay, I got a

Lessons Learnt

I learnt something today and I hope I won't have to learn it again. When you want something, you've got to be willing to fight for it.  I was to recite a poem at a service of songs today. I knew the person that contacted me for it had called one other poet. I had heard him speak once when he forgot his lines and struggled a bit. So I prepared. I wrote it, sent to two people to review and then I began to rehearse. I got the lines almost immediately but I still didn't want to take it for granted since this was going to be my first recitation since many years and I didn't know how it would be. When it was time, I dressed up and headed for the event. I made a copy on my phone to carry so I'd look into it, should I get stuck. During the service, I kept going through the lines in my head. Then it was testimony time. I didn't know when exactly I'd be called up but I knew it was close. My heart skipped a beat. Three people came out one after the other to

An Ordinary Birthday

So I get to write about ordinary days and ordinary events, but have nothing special to say of my birthday. I wasn't woken at 12am with a happy birthday call. The first person to call me wasn't any lover but my mom. I didn't take any pictures. I didn't throw a party for my friends. I didn't get unending calls and my battery didn't run down. I didn't have too many text messages to reply. I didn't go to the movies or a photo studio. I didn't get a car. I didn't get engaged. So what do I write about? I woke up healthy. I went to church. I auditioned for a movie. I visited my sister. I ate sweet rice. I saw a movie. I had some calls to answer. I replied texts and Facebook messages. I received a gift and I said a prayer. Now I have what to write about. It was an almost ordinary day, but I'm grateful. I ate this delicious rice prepared by my sister. It was white rice and vegetable sauce. I had to ask her to teach me how to make it. Her