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How To Make Nigerian Egusi Soup (Fried method)

Hi guys. So this is the most common soup among Nigerian soups, eaten by most tribes in Nigeria. There are several ways to cook Egusi soup. Here is my most favourite method. Ingredients 2 cups of ground Egusi Meat 1/2 cup Palm oil 2 table spoons ground crayfish 2 Red bell peppers (optional, but makes a huge difference) 3 or 4 Red scotch bonnet peppers Meat seasoning (mixed spice, garlic, ginger, etc) Salt Spinach or other leafy vegetable 1 ball of Onions 10 Steps to make Nigerian Egusi Soup 1. Boil your meat with your favourite meat seasoning and set aside. Mine would include Knorr seasoning cubes, garlic, ginger, ground mixed spice and salt. I used 500g of boneless beef in this recipe. You can use more or different types of meat like tripe and cow skin. 2. Add some palm oil to a dry non-stick pot. Allow to heat up slightly, then add some chopped onions. I like to season my onions. So I add some ginger, garlic and salt and stir. I also like to a