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I Miss Nigeria!

I Miss Nigeria! The last time I was in Nigeria was 20th September 2016. It has been almost 2 years away from my motherland and I miss her. In a previous post, Dr CeeKay requested I write of things I miss about Nigeria, so here we go: I miss my family even though while I was in Lagos, apart from my sister who lives in Lagos, I probably saw the rest once or twice in a year. I miss Solu and our shared laughter. I miss Chuzzy, Lota, Chiebo, daddy and mummy. I miss having friends. With frequent relocations - Nottingham, London, Manchester, Norfolk, I have to get to know and make new friends all the time which takes time.  As summer is beginning to drift away, I'll miss the weather and being able to wear light clothes, expose my arms, legs and toes. I don't miss the flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches that come with the heat in Nigeria though.  I miss the people; having people of like culture to share jokes with, to dance Shoki with or what's the latest now - Shaku Shak