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International Stammering Awareness Day- Interview with Two Stammerers

                  Since today is the International Stammering Awareness Day, I decided to interview a few stammerers and let their voices be heard on this platform.  Meet Joseph Entekume and Tosin Smart. When did you start stammering? Joseph : It started when I was 4. Tosin : I really can't remember when because I knew I started at a very young age, maybe 4yrs and above. What do you think caused it? Joseph : I was imitating the Late. Sam Loko Efe for a while and nobody stopped me. Also, it was a Tv series so it was a daily habit for me to imitate him. Tosin : Well, I think it was fear, being bullied and lack of confidence. Was any other member of your family a stammerer? Joseph : Nope. Only me!!! Tosin : My mum stutters once in a while because it is that obvious but I wouldn't say she is a stammerer. What was it like, growing up as a child stammerer? Joseph : It was bad, really bad, but sometimes it brought me good things. My teachers like

International Stammering Awareness Day- A Stammerer's Deepest Need

Published by Daily Sun Newspaper, page 29 on October 22nd 2014.  Author: Chidiogo Ibe  Today is the day set aside worldwide to create awareness to the public about the 1% of the world's population who have that flaw in fluency of speech, called stammering or stuttering. You might have heard one speak or heard of them during stand-up comedies

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Trembling Digits

Have you ever held unto the handle of a door and prayed that no one came near it to open it? This was the state I found myself in on July 18, 2014 at some minutes past two in the morning. Following the previous day's hectic work, I had zonked out and sailed off to dreamland unsuspectingly until I sprang off my bed awoken by the characteristic sounds that I heard. I had heard a lady exclaim 'Jesus!' as an iron boot collided with a wooden door. I knew immediately what it was. My sister had told me that the compound had been attacked earlier in the year, so my memory cells picked the signals quickly. I saw myself hiding my iPad, picking my phone and blanket, switching off the light and running into the kitchen. I put the phone on silent mode and quickly hid it, then I held the door so tenaciously that I could have broken the handle, was it present. Since there was no handle, my fingers latched on the holes in the handle space and lost their blood supply. My heart raced li