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Confessions Of A Trembling Heart

'Gboah!'. I heard it in my sleep, followed by a shriek of terror. My memory cells recognized it immediately. I jumped up. But before I could leap out of bed, my roommate beckoned me to calm down. 'Shhhh', she motioned with her index finger on her lips. 'Stay where you are', she whispered. I dissolved into some transient peace and I knew this was when all my confessions mattered the most. I had found some scriptures on safety since the last incident and had confessed them most nights. I even confessed one before I slept that night. 'In peace, I will both lie down and sleep because You alone make me dwell in safety'. Did I really believe it?  Now I had began muttering other confessions.  No evil shall come near my dwelling place A thousand shall fall by my right hand, ten thousand by my left, but it shall not come near me The Lord delivers me from six calamities and from seven no harm will touch me I will know that my home is

The Virtuous Woman (Celebrating The International Women's Day)

I was studying Proverbs 31 the other day and some things struck me. You know it's a normal thing, I guess it's cultural, here in Nigeria, to assume that that a virtuous woman is one that spends her entire life in the kitchen or at least a major part. We've come to believe that a virtuous woman is one that can prepare several meals and able to take care of her husband and kids. And we support it with the verse that says she rises while it is yet dark and gives meat to her household. I remember in university, when we talked about the most eligible young women for marriage, we'll mention the fellowship Mamas and for no other reason than that they were always so caring and their ministry was to feed the hungry. We thought if a man married such, he'd have no problems at all. Like they say, 'a man has just two needs: sex and food'. So most women in preparing themselves for marriage, invest in learning to cook all forms of dishes and be home makers.