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FRET ZONE- Help Me Win

Hi guys! I entered a writing contest #TheWInkChallenge. I need y'all to read my story, like it, share it and get comments rolling. I really need your likes, shares and comments as the story with the highest of these gets to win. Contest ends TODAY- 31st March. So I need your support now. I'm in FRET ZONE now. Please help me win. Tell your friends. You can make more comments

Saved (ABC Poetry)

Astray Blind Chained Dirty was I Everlasting grace  Found me Groping in the dark and Healed me to see I am saved!  Jabbed at his side  Kissed to his death Lashed the thirty-nine  Mocked and disgraced Nailed with my sin Obedient unto death Pulled to the slaughter Quiet all through Redeeming me from death Saying "it is finished" Transferring me into life Uncovering my eyes from the Veil that blinded me Washing my guilt away Yes! Jesus saved me Zion has plus one ©Radiant ~ March 2016

This Is Lagos

"People are suffering o!", my friend exclaimed from the other end of the line. She had come to Lagos in search of greener pastures and to escape mediocrity. After several attempts at submitting her CV online, she was finally called for two interviews. Packing her bag that Saturday morning, she thought of where to lodge. She had heard Lagos life was expensive, so she ruled out the thought of boarding in a hotel. It was enough that she would cater to her feeding and transportation by careful scraping. She called a distant relative that she knew resided in Lagos. After exchanging pleasantries and beating about the bush to gain some familiarity, she dropped the bombshell. The woman at the other end was in a noisy environment and impatient. She hesitated a little but then said " Mgbe i bia nu " (when you come). The journey was boring and in fact awful. She sat at the middle row by the window. Her neighbour was a woman who preferred to lap her son throughout the j

The 5 Love Languages Book Summary

Last month, I was asked to do a summary review of the book, The 5 Love Languages for one of my youth forums, Motivators International Development Organisation. I really enjoyed the process of reading in between lines to glean precious truths rather than skimming through it like I would have done had I not been saddled that task. I also enjoyed the discussion about the book on my youth forum. Have you read the book? I hope this summary reminds you that have read it and encourages you that haven't read it to pick it up.  Chapter One (What Happens To Love After The Wedding) The book begins with a question "what happens to love after marriage?" This was a question by a desperate man who had come to Gary lamenting that he had been married 3 times, each lasting 10, 3 and 6 years respectively. Each time he was convinced he was in love before he married but gradually the love deflated until he felt emptiness that eventually led to divorce.  Gary begins his di