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How to make Coconut Rice

Coconut rice is one of my favourite rice dishes. There are different ways to cook it.  Here is the way I make my mouth-watering coconut rice. How to cook Coconut rice 3 cups of rice 10 Chicken drumsticks  2 Onion bulbs 1 tomato 3 bell peppers (green, yellow, red) 3 garlic cloves Ginger powder  2 scotch bonnets  1 table spoon curry powder  1 table spoon thyme 3 seasoning cubes Salt to taste 400g coconut cream 3 tablespoons ground crayfish (optional) Desiccated coconut (to sprinkle) 1 cup of Vegetable/coconut oil Cook chicken with blended onion and garlic, ginger powder, curry powder, thyme, one seasoning cube and salt. Separate the cooked chicken from the stock. You could fry or grill the chicken. Parboil rice. Do not parboil if using Basmatti rice. Wash and set aside. Fry diced onions in oil with thyme and salt. Add diced bell peppers and tomato. Fry. Pour  chicken stock, coconut cream and blended scotch bonnet.   Bring to boil. Add seasoning cubes and salt to taste. Pour parboil

About Radiant's blog

The blogging sphere has crowded up very quickly in the past decade and it even looks like YouTube is taking over. Starting a blog in 2021 seems almost pointless. Yet some say if you find a tight niche, you could thrive. Where then does that leave memoir bloggers like me who write about practically anything going on in their lives? So that I am not  perceived as jack-of-all-trade-and-master-of-none, here is what this blog is about. Radiant’s blog is about ME - Chidiogo Nwosu a.k.a Radiant. I am my own mastery. I have been blogging here since November 2013. I started it as an outlet for my creativity, an online diary. Surprisingly, I got quite some faithful followers. My mission is to be a social influencer, to inspire people through my life's experiences.  Hopefully this post will help you navigate easily through many of my wonderful write-ups.  About Radiant's Blog I was born in a rich yet poor diverse country called Nigeria - popularly known as the giant of Africa.  Much of my

New Year Resolutions: 10 Goals for 2021

  The start of a new year for many is an opportunity to set new goals or resolutions. Though wise and useful, some have lost hope in this activity as they tend to give up on their new year goals by the first quarter of the year. Sometimes, this is because they do not set monthly, weekly or daily targets to achieve their goals. So these resolutions never materialise. Research shows that those that set goals achieve more than those who do not. So here are 10 examples of goals to set for the new year. 10 goals to aspire to in the year 2021 1. Make or keep more money It is said that money answers all things. Little wonder it makes the top of the list for most people. What if you also made contentment your goal for 2021? A man's life is more than the abundance of his possessions. Another goal could be to reduce expenses. What's the use of making more money if you are going to put them in leaking purses? You could target to keep an account of your daily expenses, review this account