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Happy Mothers’ Day

She is my mother My one and only Hands that held my bum Lips that licked my face Breasts that filled my gut Crying to God ‘Bout my future Leading the way Lest I mistep  Sacrifice  Tolerance Mothers’ heart Happy  Mothers’ Day Radiant ~ March 2019

Nigerian Doctor: Why you might want to practise in the United Kingdom

The exodus of Nigerian doctors to the UK and other developed countries has become a matter of international concern. Last year, it was estimated that an average of 12 doctors emigrate from Nigeria to practise in the UK every week. Worse still, according to the General Medical Council, UK, 750 doctors in Nigeria enrolled to take the PLAB 1 exam which held on 14th March 2019. PLAB is the 2-part  entrance exam into UK medical practice for international medical graduates.  Among the many reasons doctors leave for the UK, here are a few statements I've heard from doctors. I needed to feed my family. Who no like better tin? (here for the goodies) I wasn't getting into Residency. Everything is wrong with Nigeria. People have different motivations in life. Some want to be rich. Some want to be influential. Some are driven by passion. Some want to serve. Some pursue happiness. Some are driven by a sense of purpose or calling. Still s

My UK Driving Practical Test Experience

My driving practical lessons started in October last year. It cost £31/hr.  I had almost 20 lessons of 2 hrs each. I only just passed this month after 2 failed attempts in between. The first time I knew I had failed. It was on a dual carriage way. I had been told the route to take but discovered late that I was to be on the right hand lane and I was almost approaching the roundabout. So I started indicating right to join the right lane. There was a van coming in full speed, not budging. I panicked that I was almost at the roundabout and thought if I started making way into the lane he would slow down for me. That was when my examiner did an emergency stop. The car would have crashed in on me, had he not stopped me. So I wasn't surprised to hear after the test, "unfortunately, you have not passed this time". I still cried though, being my lachrymose self. The second one took me by surprise. I thought I was good. The examiner avoided the d

Why You Need a 9-to-5 - my personal experience

I hated Medicine. I wanted to follow my creative passion. I wanted to write songs, record songs, blog, dance, draw, anything but hold the stethoscope. I'd rather be making people laugh than making them well. I'd rather be in the midst of happiness than devouring people's aches and sadness. And I did. I explored all those. I took a break from Medicine after my national youth service year in Nigeria. But I was broke and frustrated. So I took up a job as a doctor. Talking about bills. How are you to pursue your dreams when you have debt looming over your head? How can you be creative when you are on an involuntary fast? Even though I hated Medicine, I needed my job to at least afford me a roof over my head, at least two meals a day and transport fare to all the entertainment events I attended in Lagos in pursuit of my dream. From my medical career, I could pay to record 4 songs (and studio sessions aren't cheap).  My attitude towards work changed when I ca

Why You Need a 9-to-5 job

Okay you may not exactly start at 9am and finish at 5pm, you may start at 8 and finish at 6 or get out at 5am and come home at 10pm (the typical Lagos life), but you get what I mean - a regular job working Mondays to Fridays or working shifts including nights or weekends. Basically, I want to tell you why you need to be an employee.  The rave is on entrepreneurship. "Be your own boss". "Follow your passion". Good thing is you don't have to answer to anyone. You can get up when you want and snooze the alarm at your own will or don't even have an alarm at all. While there is nothing wrong with starting a business immediately after school, there is also nothing wrong with getting a "9 to 5" as it is called. Here is why. 1. You need discipline.  C'mon who doesn't love sleep and movies and food and play but hey, the world is sustained because people are working. Some people made the bed you sleep on, someo