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4 Things to Kick Start your Day

Ever wake up feeling like just remaining in bed all day? You know you have a lot to do but just can't seem to summon the strength to get up. You are not alone. I have those moments too. A hectic previous day may call for this. I may just want an extra hour of sleep, breakfast in bed, browse my phone, read a book, do anything as long as it can be done in bed. A lazy day it is. But some days are too important to spend snoozing. Here are "4 things I do to kick-start  my day" , although not religiously. 1. Prayer Prayer is very powerful. It not only energises my spirit, which is the most important part of me, but it puts my body to work by getting  me talking. I may have to get out of bed to kneel or stand or walk to my prayer room.  I find that lying in bed to pray is a scam. I would have added an extra hour of sleep by my last Amen.  Commit your day to the Lord and he will order your steps. If your spirit is down, your body will be down as well. 2. A kiss A kiss can give me