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WAFBEC 2020 Day 4 morning session - Dr Cindy Trimm

Prophecies We are going to see the rise of prophets You know you're part of a new thing when you have a shift in your vocabulary  God will move you into the realm of innovation You will know what to do every month because God will give you strategy What you have lost in the past decade, you will play catch up this year. God will upgrade you mentally 3 mantles coming out of the church - the prophetic, kingdom and priestly . The world is divided binomially - natural and spiritual There are 12 kingdoms, under which there are 12 systems Systems are made up of fields, industries and sectors Industries, fields and sectors influence communities and communities influence families. This season, God will give you 1. Open heavens 2. Spiritual acuity - seeing things way ahead of time. The mantle of the prophet. Natural sight, dreams, vision, perspectives. God will atune your ear to His frequency. The mantle of Daniel - interpret times and seasons.  3. Innovation - God will move you to a realm

WAFBEC 2020 Day 2 Evening session - Bishop Wale Oke

You step into your glory today Every thing that has intimidated you before, you will dominate them Tonight, the glory will change you. The glory will make all things new in your life. You will never recover from tonight. The past years of your life are preparatory for tonight. Tonight enter into destiny fulfillment The winds from the 4 corners of the earth will blow in your favour. I can see you lifted for generational celebrations Someone lost something precious 12 yrs ago. You thought and you said this is irreparable. In this house tonight, what you lost 12 yrs ago, you are taking it home. Joel 2:25 The enemy put the destiny of Joseph on hold until his Word came. Everything was changed. His prison garment was changed. Get ready for a change of garment. His status changed. The gates, bars and fetters were destroyed. Somebody here, you will hit the front page of the newspaper through a significant appointment When your Word comes, everything must change. There will b

WAFBEC 2020 Day 1 evening session - Bishop Wale Oke

Theme text:  Revelation 21: 1-6 WAFBEC 2020 Theme: Behold I do a new thing Our Lord is a God that loves new things. The Bible talks about new heaven, new earth, new covenant, new Testament, new Jerusalem, new creature, new things, new moon, new wine, new name, new song, new mercies, new spirit, new commandments, new tongue, new man, new birth, new heart, etc. The promise in Revelations 21:5 was talking about an age to come. But the Bible talks about people who experience the powers of the age to come (Hebrews 6:5). Through faith you can experience of the power of the age to come. For Example - Matthew 15:22-28.  This is the story of the Canaanite woman who came to Jesus asking for healing for her child. It was not yet time for Gentiles to partake of the grace of God, yet through faith and persistence, she got her request.  God will make  ALL  things new Isaiah 55:10-11, Gen 15:1-6 God is asking us t

The Power of your Mind (book summary)

Many people begin a new year with resolutions to read new books, say at least one a month. By mid year, many of those resolutions have not been achieved. Sometimes, knowing what book to read is a challenge as there are so many options. If you are like me, you like to read books on recommendation. Why waste time and money reading a book only to discover midway that it is crap, when a recommendation could have guided you to a better use of your resources? Well, I'm here to help you avoid that by talking about the first book I have completed this year. If you are a Christian seeking spiritual growth, if you seek personal development, if you want to see new and good things come to fruition in your life this year, then I recommend this book. Title - The Power of your mind Author - Dr Chris Oyakhilome. He is the President of Believer's Love World ministry a.k.a Christ Embassy.  Number of pages: 176 The main message of the book is that we can recreate our w