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Tonight, my heart paces My head pounds Like I downed a cup of coffee I know what's right, but it's hard to do Tomorrow is the day                                    And I'm only ten min's away I so wish it were A moving melting mirage That I couldn't reach or catch But I'm here now, I dunno how Did I pause praying?                                                     Or did I stop studying? 'Twas while working your vineyard I got trapped in this love yarn Am I at fault for falling over? After all  I asked you take them butterflies away Nay, King of kings                                    You gave 'em extra wings Now my mouth blinks My eyes mutter I stutter Rehearsing my parting lines Tomorrow must come, ain't no doubt                                     I wanna do right. I want out! ©Radiant~ August 2014

Chyking 201 (Three Case Studies)

Now this is what I've been talking about- A proper way of Chyking'. If you've been following this blog, you probably would have come across my two articles - Chyking 101 and 102. If you have not, I kindly suggest that you scheme through them for a better appreciation of what I'm about to write. Chyking, a word from Nigerian parlance, is the art of chatting up a lady in order to get into a closer relationship with her. It also refers to what we call 'to toast a girl'. It simply means to woo a girl.  From my experience, I have concluded that many Nigerian guys have an approach that puts women like me off rather than attract them. I've also discovered the missing key. For me, it's politeness. Just some manner of courtesy. That's all. I'm not promising I'll let out my number but at least I'll give an ear to a polite guy.  So after much disappointment with guys, I came across one who I'm sure hasn't read my blog but has the p

Salt Water Or No Salt Water (How To Prevent Ebola Virus Infection )

Today, I was awakened by a call from my mom who wanted to find out about the relationship between Ebola virus and salt water solution. She had been harassed by calls and text messages just this morning about how bathing with salt water will prevent Ebola virus. One of the calls was by 3am. The other said a prophet prophesied that bathing with salt water without soap will prevent it. How ridiculous! Some say is a biological war that Americans are using against Africans. That seeing the emerging economy of Africa, Americans released Ebola, that has been in existence for quite some years into Africa, so that Africa will seek World Bank aid, borrow money and be in debt. Now World Bank recently pledged a loan of 200 million dollars to a few African countries for the prevention of Ebola and we are now in debt. While people are dying, others because of the same thing are becoming wealthy. Broadcasts and text messages are flying everywhere. People are blogging. Fear grips the he

Half Of A Yellow Sun Movie- my review

Okay, now I need to talk. I've seen a few movie reviews lately. Kind of interesting how people have so varied opinions about the same stuff. Not surprising though since we don't wear the same shirt. Anyway, I went to the movies today. Ozone Cinema at Sabo, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. Do I also need to tell you it's in West Africa? I hope not.  I saw the popular movie, 'Half Of A Yellow Sun'.  Hmmmm (sighs), how do I begin this? Okay, generally I think it's eh........m,  starting with the good side, I was impressed. Really. I looked out for a foolery in the costume and props and setting, you know, since it was dated back to the 60's. They pulled it off pretty well. I loved the fact that the hair styles and the dresses were old school and the cars.... I was really tripped to see right hand drive cars. It showed they were thinking. That's unlike what you see in typical Nollywood movies; not to bad-mouth anybody, but I think Nollywood directors should und


29th June 2011 Thank you Lord for today. There's so much that happened today so where do I start my gist from? Alright, I woke up at the right side of my bed, if there's anything like that. I had a difficult time getting up anyway 'cause I tossed and tossed trying to pray with sleep in my eyes until I finally opened them and picked my Bible. With heavy eyes I scanned through it and read today's passage at ODB(Our Daily Bread)- I can't even remember what it talked about. Then I got up and prepared for the bathroom. Without delay, I had my bath and went to Amy's room to ask for breakfast. She had just finished eating my preferred breakfast- bread- and offered me Indomie. So I cooked it, ate, fetched 'free water', read a chapter of 'The happiest people on earth' and dressed up for school. I met the bus at the gate and I was at the hospital in less than an hour. I headed for the theatre like I've done for eleven days in Anaesthesia posting, g