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Wednesday 19 February 2014

We'll Spoil Everything

Keep your hands off my waist
And your lips far from mine
Please don't be in a haste
Wait until I am thine
Keep your feet when we dine
And your legs please don't swing
Take heed lest we are drunk on wine
If not, we'll spoil everything

Keep your neck at it's place
And your fingers by your side
Let your eyes not leave my gaze
To wander on my curves or tide
Keep our nose bridge long and wide
But that of our hearts so thin
May our heads not hearts decide
If not, we 'll spoil everything

Keep your mind unto our talk
'Specially when we're in the sand
Pick the public for our walk
Lest we are tempted when we stand
Let shakes not go past my hand
And hugs not too long for sin
To find good room to us disband
If not, we'll spoil everything

Touch not
You can, after the ring
If not
We'll spoil everything

©Radiant~February 2014


ide said...

A nice 1,flows from within

Unknown said...

Very good

splendour said...

Head n heart on d same page.workin together.

Radiant said...

Thanks ide

Radiant said...

Thanks Henry

Radiant said...

Thanks Splendour

Unknown said...

This is really good..I shouldn't see this alone

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Deep. Speaks volume. Team #NoSexTilMarriage