Saturday, 1 March 2014

Mom of life

Today is my mom's birthday and I want to use this platform to honour her today in my writing.
She's a most unique woman and a mixture of good and annoying characters, just like any natural human being(lol). But in all, she's just perfect. 'Yea, who won't talk good about her mom', you are probably thinking right now. Well, it's not my fault that she's also good and I thank God for giving her the privilege to birth me. Yes, I said that.

Okay, about the characters I'm so proud of,
first, she is a godly woman. Apart from the fact that 'obu fellowship n'isi', she's a practical christian. She brought us up in christian principles that have guided and kept us till now. Things like praying, reading the Bible, giving, fasting (having issues on this sha).
Secondly she is educated and loves education. My mom is responsible for my intelligence. She took out time to teach me Maths, English and even once in secondary school when I complained about biology she read it and began explaining to me. I was good at Grammar and Oral English in school just because mummy taught me. She always corrected our grammar and phonetics. While most kids complained about maths, I loved it so much that I even did further maths in senior secondary.
Also, she is very wise.

One of her annoying characters is the tendency to worry a lot. Well, sometimes it is to our advantage 'cause she makes sure we are prepared for exams before the dates. She will not let you rest until she's sure you've gone through the book from front to back and then back to front. She'd pick up a subject and read it and then begin asking me questions. I was so sharp in primary school 'cause she was there to guide me. In secondary school, I did poorly at the beginning 'cause it was a boarding school and I had gotten spoilt by my mom's help. I only started picking up in senior secondary school when I learnt to prepare for exams on my own.

But her worry could get on our nerves when she begins to ask her numerous questions. Her favourite adage is 'onye n'aju ajuju adaghi efu uzo' Kai. Those interview sessions are the test of my patience. I usually lose it at those moments.

All together though, God has blessed me with a loving, caring, beautiful and godly woman as a mother and I celebrate her today. Mummy, may you see better years and may you not go down the way of all men until you have seen your dreams come to pass. I love you.

Prov31:28 'Her children rise up and call her blessed, her husband also praises her'

A dizain for my mom:

Mom, you're the best
Every single day I'll repeat
And much more you're blest
I can shout in the street
Let 'em know on my tweet

You are my star
You shoot without a scar
A friend, a mother, a wife
And more you are
My mom of life

©Radiant  March 2014


Anonymous said...

keep it up dear,nice one there.HBD to her, though you didn't tell us her name.I grant you a concession for that.

Radiant said...

Thanks dear.

ada said...

Lovely post diogo!

Radiant said...

Thanks Ada