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Tuesday 4 November 2014

Big Brother

Sometimes, I just need a brother
And not a lover

Me to clutch
But not to touch 

To cuddle
Not fondle

To lend an ear 
Not pet my rear

Sometimes, I just need a big brother

To get it off my chest
Not take off my vest

To kiss my cheek
Not peck my beak

To give me a nod
And not his rod

Sometimes, I just need a big brother

To let me lie in his arm
And not fall for his charm

To guard me from hoodlums
Not leave me with huge sums

To lead me to my bridegroom
Not lead me to his bedroom

Sometimes, I just need a big brother

©Radiant~ November 2014


Akindele said...

Rhymes on point, good write up.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome Piece!!!...keep it up.

Unknown said...

To lead you to another man abi? I di kwa greedy nwa!

Radiant said...

Lol. Of course he can graduate from being a big brother to being my hubby. Cheese

Basil-Nwachuku Chinonso said...

Nice piece Radiant!...Looking forward to your next piece,as always.kudos

Unknown said...

Classic !

Sir Vic said...

Wow... Very Thoughtful