Sunday, 16 September 2018

Big Mouth

I attended The King's Glory Church in King's Lynn today which is a parish of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. 

I was reminded of how powerful words are and that I should be more careful about what comes out of my mouth. I want to share part of the sermon with you, my faithful readers.

Text - James 3:1-12
Topic - Big Mouth

Our mouths can set on fire the entire body, hence we need to learn to tame it.

Sins we commit with our mouths include:

Coarse, obscene jokes - Harmful jokes. Not edifying. Being scornful. Making fun of people that are different from you. Eph. 5:4

Complaints - Murmuring and grumbling. Being ungrateful. Phil 2:14 says, "Do all things without grumbling or questioning". 1Peter 4:9, 1Cor. 10:10

Gossips - Backbiting. Lev. 19:16 says, "Do not go about spreading slander among your people. Do not do anything that endangers your neighbour's life. I am the Lord". Ps. 34:13

Harsh criticism - Matt. 7:1-3. When we do not correct out of love and for building the person but out of pride or jealousy. We should learn to give praise more than criticism.

Boasting - We are only allowed to boast about knowing God, Jer 9:24 and take pride in weaknesses because therein God’s strength is made perfect. 2 Chor 12:9

Speaking fear/doubt - Negative words can easily become self-fulfilling prophecies. Jer. 1:7, But the Lord said to me, Do not say "I am too young"

Foolish talk, idle words - Talk of fools, we will give account for every idle word. Matt. 12:36, Eph. 4:29

Practical ways of taming my tongue

  1. Be quick to hear and slow to speak James 1:19, Prov. 17:28
  2. Be careful what you say. Words are prophecies. To our children, to our spouses and to the Lord. Eccl. 5:1-2. In speaking with others, conversations must be full of grace.
  3. Speak gently. Prov. 15:1,4. A gentle answer deflects anger. Beware that texts and emails are tone deaf. They can stir up strife when not intended. When in doubt about how it will be received, speak in person.
  4. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. What are we filling out hearts with? 

My personal take-home message is to be thankful always and avoid complaining.

Quite timely, I discovered a song I have had on repeat since this morning. 'Nwachinemelu' by Kinsu & Dabz of CIA entertainment. I have made a dance video. Click here to watch. Don't forget to leave your comments below. Ciao

Radiant ~ September 2018

Sunday, 22 July 2018

I Miss Nigeria!

I Miss Nigeria!

The last time I was in Nigeria was 20th September 2016. It has been almost 2 years away from my motherland and I miss her.

In a previous post, Dr CeeKay requested I write of things I miss about Nigeria, so here we go:

I miss my family even though while I was in Lagos, apart from my sister who lives in Lagos, I probably saw the rest once or twice in a year. I miss Solu and our shared laughter. I miss Chuzzy, Lota, Chiebo, daddy and mummy.

I miss having friends. With frequent relocations - Nottingham, London, Manchester, Norfolk, I have to get to know and make new friends all the time which takes time. 

As summer is beginning to drift away, I'll miss the weather and being able to wear light clothes, expose my arms, legs and toes. I don't miss the flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches that come with the heat in Nigeria though. 

I miss the people; having people of like culture to share jokes with, to dance Shoki with or what's the latest now - Shaku Shaku. But I don't miss the road chykers, the grabbers in the marketplace, the pickpockets, rickety Lagos taxis and rough bus conductors. 

I miss my church Covenant Christian Centre; the vigorous dancing during praise and worship. I miss deep teachings. Though I stream the services sometimes, it's not the same as being in the atmosphere.

I miss the C4 choir. I miss learning new songs every week, gaining new clothes by our funky choir uniforms, getting on stage to sing, the social community of fellow choristers, the after service pictures, cakes and Zobo drinks. I actually don't miss the cakes 'cause I have too much of them here. I also don't miss getting up at 4:30 am to prepare for 6:30 service and having to do my Sunday makeup with torchlight because there is never power on Sunday mornings.

I miss Fedacad Alumni meetings. Federal Government Academy (Fedacad) is my secondary school. Our Lagos chapter had quarterly meetings which I never missed on purpose. I miss the camaraderie we shared, the strong bond even with seniors we never met while in school, the slangs, the jokes, the reminiscing of school days. 

I miss the food. I miss Afang, Oha, Okpa. I don't miss Okra and Banga soup 'cause I make them here.

No matter how far we go, we always long for home for indeed there is no place like home. 

Radiant ~ July 2018

Sunday, 20 May 2018

A Tribute to Late Mrs. Elizabeth Nneka Nwakakwa

'Grandma', we called her. The name that brought butterflies to our tummies whenever we heard she was visiting. No doubt we were interested in the sweets and biscuits, but more than that we were interested in the sincere love and care she brought home. We saw it in her eyes, her smile, her gentle touch as she patted our backs one by one and in her gift of Naira notes labelled for each one of us proportionate to our age and level in school. 

Grandma was the meekest person I’ve ever known. She was quiet in spirit. I never heard her complain though there were many reasons to. From mosquitoes that bore through weak bed nets, the beast heat from the east giving more exercise than rest at night, her oatmeal “swallow”-turned-porridge due to someone’s culinary incompetence to pension delays and all what nots.

She was a woman of God. We knew not to knock on her door in the early hours of the morning, but even at times in the afternoon, we met her staring down her glasses on her leather jacket Bible. 

It goes without a saying that she was a good mother for whoever taught my mother the values she passed down to us must have been good. 

Today we celebrate a life well lived, we mourn not as them without hope, but we know that if we follow the examples she gave us we will meet again where there are no pension delays, no mosquitoes, no sickness to hurt our bodies and certainly no death to separate our loved ones from us.

Adieu Grandma. See you in heaven.

Chidiogo Ibe (Grand daughter)

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Financial Wholeness Part 1 Audacious Church 15-04-2018

I moved to Manchester last week. In the past 1 year, I have lived in Nottingham, London and now Manchester. First thing I look out for when I get to a new environment, apart from the way to the nearest African grocery store, is a Pentecostal church. I was glad when I googled churches near me to discover Audacious church in Salford, Manchester. I visited their website and their mission appealed to me so I decided to pay a visit today.
I had quite some hindrances getting to church today. I had followed the bus schedules brought up by Google, yet stood at the bus stop for several minutes without my bus arriving. Next I decided to use my beloved Uber, but the distance between me and the driver kept increasing from 8 mins away to 13 mins away. Meanwhile I had seen an available taxi pass me by; however, it only accepted Advance bookings. So I downloaded the Crester cars app and booked a taxi which was 8 mins away while Uber was still 13 mins away after I had waited for 6 good minutes. I then decided to cancel my booking with Uber and I was charged £4. Well, I finally got to church just 5 mins late with Crester cars and settled in. There was praise session, welcoming of first timers, baptism of new converts, offering time and then the sermon.
A new series titled "Financial Wholeness" was started today by Pastor Glyn. Below are my take home points:

How to be Content
1. Enjoy what you have (Ecclesiastes 6:9). Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don't have. What I have is a gift from God. Having the understanding that what I have currently is a gift from God to me will help me to be more thankful and less grumpy about what I desire that I don't have. He quoted an article from The Wall Street Journal which made a lot of sense. It says, "Freedom is not obtained by full enjoyment of what is desired but by controlling our desire".
2. Don't compare with others (2 Corinthians 10:12). God has got me just where He wants me to be. We complain because we compare. Thinking about it, the Isarelites started complaining in the wilderness because they compared their situation with how it was in Egypt when they had 'garlics and cucumbers' (of all things to crave for) instead of being thankful for the miraculous deliverance God had just wrought for them. Understanding that as long as we walk with God, he is working all things for our good will help us to remain content with where He has placed us.
3. Remember life is not about things (Luke 12:15). Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.” The most valuable things are not things (2 Corinthians 4:18). So we don't look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever. Experiences are worth more than we think.
If you would like to learn more on this topic, visit for very useful resources including helpful articles on achieving financial freedom and free downloadable budget plans. Or better still join the service next Sunday at 10am and 12pm.
Remember, contentment starts with connecting your life with the person of Jesus Christ. Accept him today.

Radiant ~ April 2018
Guess what's in my goody bag?

Sunday, 1 April 2018

I am healed!

Who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind? Jesus replied: Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him. John 9:2 
God seems to like to show off where human wit has failed. Maybe that was why Paul said we should boast in our weaknesses because it is in our weakness that God's strength is made perfect.  
I have asked God severally why some people are born with deformities. Why do people have disabilities especially those that are congenital? Why are people born flawed? Why do they have to live all their lives wishing they were normal? What is God's plan for them? Is it to be healed completely and become "normal" or to find a way to adapt so well that the affliction becomes a blessing instead of a curse? It is easy to believe for the latter, but what is the will of God in this matter?  
Jesus made sure to heal every disease, disability, affliction, you name it, that came his way. He did not let the blind go home blind. He did not leave the crippled as they were. He healed the deaf and dumb. Was that because there was no science to help make their affliction more bearable? He made them whole. So why should we settle for less when we can be whole? Then you will ask me, “what is the definition of ‘whole’?”
Recently, it dawned on me what Jesus meant when he said "it is finished". Jesus healed 'all' sicknesses. There is no other healing to wait for than the one Jesus bought by His stripes over 2000 years ago. All we have to do is accept his finished work. Faith means believing what God has said he has done even when we cannot see it yet. When this hit me, I decided never to say again that I am a stammerer, hence the opening statement in my previous post - I used to be a stammerer. Since 4th February 2018 when I accepted the healing Jesus bought me over 2000 years ago, I am no longer a stammerer. I didn't care whether I did not see an immediate change physically. The truth is once the spiritual is settled, the physical has no choice but to align with it. So my words had better align with God's plan. 
Since then, actually I have stammered less and less. But I am not looking to see if it will work, i.e if I'll stop stammering completely. If Jesus said it is finished, it is finished - I have stopped stammering completely. He has made me whole. I have received my healing. I am healed. I do not care what it currently looks like on the physical because the devil will surely tempt you with a reality that is not in keeping with what the Word has said. Who would you rather believe? 
If you have an ailment, a sickness, a torment, just know that Jesus has paid the price already. He said, "It is finished!" God is not wicked. He does not enjoy seeing us suffer. That was why he sent his precious Son to die to save us from the eternal suffering for our sins and also to heal our bodies. If Christians can believe we have been saved from hell, why is it so difficult to believe he healed our bodies? It does not matter if the physical tells you contrary, you have been healed. Let your words affirm this truth for this is the essence of Easter. It is finished!
Radiant ~ April 2018