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Sunday 17 May 2015

My Newly Found Strength

It's amazing how weaknesses can be turned to strengths.

I was a 'cry cry' baby. I still remember growing up, some days I'd cry so much and then begin to beg for someone to console me. I'd say 'si mu ndo' meaning 'tell me sorry', after some minutes or hours of crying. I cried when scolded at. I cried when others cried. I cried when my siblings were being flogged. I cried when an actor in a film cried. I cried when I saw abject poverty on the screens. I cried when I was really happy. I cried at the sight of an athlete's victory. I couldn't help it. Tears just came out of my eyes so easily. 

So I joined Snapshots, my church's drama ministry. I never believed I could act. I only knew I could cry. But somehow, with constant rehearsals and their faith in me, I now actually think I'd make a good actress. Here are some pictures of me doing what I know how to do best. 

This was sometime last year, my first stage play after the disastrous attempt in secondary school where I turned my back on the audience and began to laugh.

Snapshots is back this year with a major multi-media production titled 'Clogs'. It is a science fiction play about the future Nigeria. A must watch! It will be holding on 29th May, 2015 at the Covenant place, Iganmu (beside national theatre) by 4pm. It is a public holiday, so endeavour to come. And guess what? Admission is FREE!!!

Rehearsal Time:

I won't be crying this time. Make it a date.

Radiant~ May 2015


Unknown said...

I cant stop laughing #doingwhatIknowtodobest #backtheaudienceandlaughed. Hahahhhahahahahahahhahaahahahaaha

Unknown said...

I cried when ma sibling ate my akara, I cried when ma dad bought his first car, I cried when pet edochie turned to udele in a movie,I cried when GMB won GEJ in a physical combat, hmm,I even cried when I heard u crying.

Radiant said...

Nice one Evans. Good to know there are people like me