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Sunday 16 February 2020

Documents to submit - UK visitor visa for your parent

I have written a step by step guide on how to apply and obtain visa for your parent to come visit you in the UK. You can read it here

Below are documents I submitted to support my mom's visa. Rule of thumb - the more evidence you provide, the better the chance of being granted the visa. I have written the headings as you will see them on the TLScontact website (the Visa Application Centre for Nigeria).

Accommodation temp or permanent
- Daughter's and Son-in-law's council tax
- Daughter's driver's licence (You can upload a utility bill instead)

Employment evidence
- Letter from her employer

Family evidence
This is to show relationship to the person they are visiting and ties to their home country. I uploaded Passports for those that had them and for those that did not have, I uploaded their driver's licence or birth certificates.
- Daughter's wedding certificate (this is because I had some documents in my maiden name and some in my married name)
- Daughter's birth certificate 
- Daughter 2's passport
- Son 1's passport
- Family picture
- Husband's driver's licence
- Son 1's birth certificate 
- Son 1's driver's licence
- Daughter 3's birth certificate 

Financial evidence
As my mom has 2 bank accounts, I uploaded 2 bank statements. If they are retired and are being sponsored fully, it is not necessary to show their own bank statements. 
- Bank statement 1
- Bank statement 2

Old passports and visa
List of attached documents

Sponsor evidence
Letter from husband 
Husband's bank statement 
Letter of invitation
Daughter's bank statement 
Daughter's employment letter
Daughter's payslip
Daughter's passport
Daughter's residence permit
Son-in-law's bank statement
Son-in-law's employment letter
Son-in-law's payslip
Son-in-law's passport
Son-in-law's residence permit

Travel document

- Current passport 

My mom received her visa on the 10th working day even though we had applied for Standard visa service which should take 15 working days.

Click here to read my step by step guide on how to obtain UK visitor visa for your parent.

Radiant ~ February 2020


Struggling Sinner said...

Quite helpful

Radiant said...

Glad you found it helpful

Sucre said...

I know you can never attach too many documents, but when my mom came she applied from 9ja, cos I thought the conversion rate was cheaper (i.e paying in Naira). We definitely didn’t attach any photos and she got her visa and came.

Radiant said...

@Sucre thanks for your comment.

Potbellydoctor said...

Thanks for this.
Wanted to ask if and how much I would need to keep in my account if I choose to sponsor. How much must the money stay in the account for


Radiant said...

@Potbellydoctor, 6 months bank statement showing monthly income. Regarding amount, I don't think there is a specific amount but the statement should show you are more than able to cover the expenses. So in your invitation letter, you could write how much you think the trip would cost - flight, Daily expenses. For me, I wrote she would stay with me for the one month (so no accommodation cost) and feeding covered by me, hence cost was not going to be more than £600. Hope this helps.

John Okocha said...

Very helpful information Radiant. Many thanks