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Tuesday 27 September 2022

How to Save Money on Baby Costs

How to Save Money on Baby Costs

The birth of a baby is a life changing event. It not only affects your physical and mental health, it also tells on your finances. You may need to move into a house with an extra room; you will have more use of water, gas and electricity. Your bills will definitely increase. Also, maternity leave means a drop in your regular income and then down the line there is the cost of child care. These coupled with the fact that most people have babies in their youth when they are also trying to get established in their careers, means that the decision to have a baby can seriously destabilize one financially, if not prepared. Rich or poor, babies are being born anyway. It is therefore necessary to find ways to cut down on the huge expenses that accompany the birth of a newborn - even more important with the UK's current cost of living crisis.

Here are 6 ways to save money on baby costs.

1. Accept used products from friends and family. In the excitation of expecting a new baby, it is easy to overspend. There are lots of blogs and YouTube videos about what to buy and though mostly helpful, some of the things you will buy will be a waste. We were blessed to have generous senior friends who out of their own good will gave us some of their baby stuff still in perfect condition. It really saved us money especially for the bulkier stuff like baby cot, Moses basket, and baby stroller. However, it is advisable to get a brand new car seat as it must comply with safety rules.

2. Try cheaper nappies. Size 2 Pampers pack of 46 from Tesco is £6 compared to Size 2 Mamia pack of 58 from Aldi which is £2. Just see how much can be saved. In my experience, the Mamia nappy was even more absorbent than Pampers. I also tried Tesco's Fred n Flo Size 2 nappy which was about £3 but I found it worse than Aldi's Mamia and Pampers so I dumped it. Before settling for expensive brands, try out cheaper brands.

3. Breastfeed. I understand that certain situations may impact on one's ability to breastfeed. But breastfeeding, apart from its numerous health benefits, is another way of cutting costs. SMA Pro first infant formula 800g is £11. Other brands are even costlier. Exclusively formula fed neonates can go through one tin within 3 days. 

4. Buy cheaper bodysuits. Bodysuits or onesies are those vests that are fastened at the nappy area. They are usually worn beneath a sleepsuit or any other clothing. They are inadvertently going to poo on some of them. Why invest £50 on an expensive bodysuit when one can get 10 for £9. These expensive bodysuits are going to be covered anyway. They look cool in pictures though. Also, babies grow very quickly. If you invest a lot in new born clothes and shoes, they may outgrow them before they get a chance to wear them. My baby came out big. He did not get to wear some of the new born shoes we were gifted.

5. Throw a baby shower/gender reveal. While you should not count on gifts from friends or make that the reason for throwing a shower, gifts from friends and family go a long way in cutting baby costs. 

6. Apply for child benefits. Check to see if you are eligible for any available child benefits and apply. You could get help with childcare costs or a monthly stipend for the child. It may not be much but, a little is better than nothing.

A newborn baby brings joy but can put a strain on the family finances. I hope with these few points of mine, you are able to save a few dollars, pounds or Naira. Please comment below with additional tips.

Radiant ~ September 2022

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