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Friday 26 September 2014

Tragedies Of A 'Trekker'

           So today, I woke up quite late 'cause I wasn't supposed to go to work. I knew that. So I watched a movie series late into the night. When I woke up, somehow I had some feelings that I needed to go to work. My colleague and I took turns at work and today wasn't my call, so I felt I deserved some rest. So I prayed, studied my Bible and slept off again. I was awoken by the popular Nokia ring tone. It was my colleague calling. I already knew what she was going to say. 'Are you free? I can't make it to the clinic. Could you cover for me if you're free?' I agreed and not reluctantly. I liked the fact that the clinic afforded me time and a good environment to read, though I didn't like having to bear the complaints of many patients on some of my unlucky busy days. I looked at the time and it was 9:30am. I hadn't even taken my bath. So I rushed into the bathroom and out, dressed up, had my regular breakfast (bread and tea), sprayed the room with some insecticide and I was off to work. 

           It had rained heavily earlier and the roads were flooded. I waited for a tricycle to take me to the bus stop where I'd board a bus to my work place. It wasn't long I found one. I reached the bus stop and entered the bus. I was still settling in before I received a baptism of flood water, right inside the bus. 'How the hell did that happen?', I think I thought. I saw a bus run off ahead and I understood what happened. Our bus door was open and the other bus in top speed splashed water as it overtook ours. I was at the extreme, so I alongside with the conductor received the early morning baptism. It wasn't funny, but I was able to contain my annoyance. Thank God. However, the woman by my side, who only had some showers, didn't stop cursing. She was speaking in Yoruba so I couldn't understand what she was saying, but it seemed she was accusing our driver and the conductor for leaving the door open. 
            You know, if it were before, I'd be like 'O God, you see why I need a car'. But now, it doesn't bother me. I've learnt that life is in stages and I should make the most of every stage. So I simply stepped out of the bus and walked to my workplace and in no time, my dress was dry. The rest of the day was uneventful.

©Radiant~ 22nd September 2014

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Anonymous said...

Needs a little editing...otherwise, pas mal..lol...and please do and get to stage Car!

Unknown said...

Nice one Radiant.
That was just a shower of water. I've had a shower of vomit unlike what I'd say if it were a story probably vomit on the person too as at that time, I just couldn't say a word and 5he embaffled girl who probably would have eaten a guys pocket dry was speechless.

Radiant said...

Lol. I can imagine